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Here's the update all my vultures requested. LOL 

My Novel Is Finally Published! 
Anyone interested in purchasing it, 
Please click on the link. If you want a signed copy send me an email to godzscribe@yahoo.com

 Disclaimer:  The following stories  have been written for personal entertainment uses only and we apologize for stealing them for our own wicked purposes. (Insert Evil Laugh)

"The Magnificent Seven" belong to CBS, MGM, Trilogy Entertainment Group, The Mirisch Corp. or any others involved with that production.  "The Sentinel" and its characters are the property of Pet Fly, Paramount, and The Sci-Fi Channel.  "The A-Team" and its members are the creations of Frank Lupo and Stephen J. Cannell. These characters are the property of Universal and Stephen J. Cannell Productions. "Bonanza" belongs to David Dortort and Bonanza Ventures with Paramount. ."Alias Smith & Jones" belongs to Glen Larson. Navy NCIS is CBS Broadcasting, Paramount Pictures & Belisarius Productions 2003.

Copyright infringement is intended but no money was made with these stories. 
Our stories are for general audiences but please take notice of any warnings.

Flames will be read, laughed at and then sent to file thirteen.

Magnificent Seven

Magnificent Seven Ranch AU - By Victory

Lessons (Sets up the background for the AU)
Summer Vacation
Family Ties
Broken Promises - WIP

Modern Magnificent Seven Ranch AU - By Victory

Drabble With No Name
Scenes From A Hat 

Sevens Kennel AU - By Victory

Changing Of The Guard
The Kennel Show  
Camping Nightmare  WIP


Magnificent Sons Of Batman AU - By Victory


Family Matters AU - By Raul

New Beginnings  

The Ties That Bind...And Gag  

Little Britches Stories - By Raul

Birthday Treasures 

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Baby Blues
Boy Who Cried Wolf
For The Love Of A Father
Ghosts of Christmas Past
Heart Of The Ponderosa 
Life's Lesson - Sequel to The Boy Who Cried wolf
The Wild Herd
The Tree House - Sequel to The Wild Herd
You're Never Too Old
Be Careful What You Wish For  WIP

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The Sentinel

Act Of Kinship - WIP

Bonded For Life AU - By Victory

Destiny's Convergence

Vow Of Silence  AU - By Victory

Territorial Imperative
Murder 101 Revisited  

All In The Family AU - By Victory 

Boys Will Be Boys - WIP

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The A-Team

Team Living AU - By Victory

A Broken Heart
Studio Blues
Story Line
Is He Giving Up? 
What Exactly Is Harmony?
The Christmas Gift

Amanda Journals  AU - By Victory

Dear Diary    Coming Soon!!!!!
Nightmares Never Go Away   Coming Soon!!!!!

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Stargate SG-1

Growing Pains AU

Growing Pains  

Second Childhood AU - By Victory (Crossover with NCIS)

Bad Luck And Trouble  

General Chaos AU

Mini Mission - NEW STORY - Complete!

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Adirondack Academy AU - Victory


Snow Day   WIP  

Larabee's Landing AU - Victory

New Arrivals   

Child's Play  

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Alias Smith & Jones

Family Matters AU - By Victory

Sons Of The West     
Change Of Venue  
Ghosts  WIP

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Navy NCIS - 
Naval Criminal Investigative Services

Triple Threat AU - By Victory

Triple Threat 
Junior Special AgentWIP
Sins Of The Father - NEW STORY - WIP

Second Childhood AU - By Victory (Crossover with Stargate SG-1)

Bad Luck And Trouble  


Daddy Dearest

Hell Week - NEW STORY - Complete!

Perfect Child - NEW STORY - Complete!

Refuge Coming Soon

Moments In Time Coming Soon

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Raul : magsentinelfan@yahoo.com

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