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All In The Family AU
Author Notes and Background

This idea wouldn't get out of my head so I started to write it down. The background is similar to canon. Simon is still Captain of Major Crimes, sentinels are NOT known. The boys are kids. Jim is 8. Simon adopted him when he was a baby after William, Grace and Steven were killed in a car accident. The Ellison fortune is in trust until Jim is 21. Blair is Simon's son from his brief marriage with Naomi. Naomi is off doing her own thing. (We'll see her at some point when you least expect it)  Blair is now 4. Everything else will come out in the wash...I mean the story.

Boys Will Be Boys
By Victory

Simon Banks stormed into the Major Crimes bullpen in full lecture mode. Trailing behind the furious man was eight year-old Jim Ellison-Banks, hanging his head. They entered the Captain’s office with a bang of the heavy door.

“How many times have I told you not to fight?”

“I’m sorry Dad, but he was pushing me around.” Jim pouted.

“You aren’t sorry yet, young man. We are going to go pick up Blair then finish this discussion at home.”

“Some discussion.” Jim mumbled.

It wasn’t low enough though as Simon quickly turned and swatted his son as he said, “Cut the sass young man. Now let’s go.” Simon took Jim’s hand and headed down to the third floor to the Police Department Daycare to get four year-old Blair. Jim was dragged along as he rubbed out the sting in his backside.

Simon took several deep breaths to calm down before he picked up his trouble magnet. He entered the daycare and signed in and showed his identification.

“Go ahead Simon.” Angie said with a smile. She noticed Jim and asked, “School out early Jimmy or aren’t you feeling good?”

“I feel fine Miss Angie. At least until Dad gets me home. There was some trouble at school.”

“I’m sorry to hear that.” Angie said with sympathy.

“Come on Jim.” Simon said.

“Yes sir.” Jim walked behind his father and smiled when he heard Angie’s whisper ‘poor boy’.

Simon peeked into the four year-old room and entered quietly when he realized it was naptime. The Teacher's Assistant greeted them with a whisper. “Hey Simon. Have you come for your Energizer Bunnyä?”

“Yeah Lydia. Is he asleep?”

 “Crashed like a 747. I’ll get his bag if you want to go collect Blair.”

Simon turned to Jim. “Wait here son.” Jim nodded as Simon headed over to a low cot where Blair napped. Simon had to smile as he observed his youngest son. Blair was sprawled out on his stomach, wild hair everywhere and his left thumb secured in his mouth.

 “He’s gonna be a heartbreaker when he gets older.” Lydia stated.

 “He already is. I’ve caught Jim using him to get ladies in the park to pay attention to them.”

 “There’s another cutie.”

 “It still amazes me how quiet he is when he sleeps.”

 “He should stay asleep too Simon. He played hard this morning.”

 “It helps that he sleeps like the dead. Earthquakes don’t wake him.” Simon gathered Blair, blanket and all, into his arms and quickly shifted the dead weight to his shoulder. Blair mumbled something but Simon soothed him before he woke. Lydia handed the backpack to Simon as they weaved around the other sleeping children.

 Simon turned back when he heard his name. “Simon?”


 “Don’t forget this.” Lydia handed Simon Blair’s stuffed cat.

 “God! We don’t need to forget Jade again. That was a nightmare.” Simon stated. “Jim? Carry Jade please.”

 “Sure Dad.” Jim took the stuffed toy and gently ruffled Blair’s hair. The entire group headed out of the room where Simon and Jim said goodbye then took the elevator down to the garage. Simon made sure both boys were buckled in and headed home.


When Blair woke, he saw he was in his own bed at home instead of school. Deciding it was time to get up, he slid out of bed and headed for the bathroom. As the bathroom door shut behind him, Simon came downstairs from his loft bedroom. He looked toward Jim, who was standing in the corner of the living room, and asked, “Jim?”

“Blair woke up and is in the bathroom.” Jim replied without turning around.

“Thank you son.” Simon headed toward the bathroom and knocked before opening the door. “You okay in here son?”

“Daddy! I pooped daddy.”

Simon chuckled. “Let me help then we’ll get you a snack.”

“Okay.” Simon helped Blair get cleaned up and entered the kitchen with Blair as the timer went off. “Jim come over here and have a snack son.”

“Yes sir.” Jim came over and smiled at his little brother. “He short eyes. Have a nice nap?”

“Jim! Why are we home Daddy? I was at school.”

“I picked you up and we came home.” Simon answered as he set out juice and a snack for both boys.

“Oh, okay.”

When both boys were done with their snack, Simon wiped off Blair’s face and turned to Jim. “Son? Please go to your room and start on your homework.”

“Dad, I don’t want to stay in my room. Please?”

“James, if I ask again we will be going upstairs again. Do you understand?”

“Yes sir.” Jim wiped at his eyes and ran to his and Blair’s room and threw himself onto his bed and sobbed. He was still sore from the spanking his father gave him when they had returned home. Now he was confined to his room until Monday. He had just calmed down when Blair entered.

“Jim? Are you okay?” Blair looked at his big brother and patted his arm.

Jim smiled and wiped his sleeve across his eyes. “Yeah Chief. I’ll be okay. Dad’s just upset with me because of me fighting in school again.”

 “Oh. You wanna play with me?”

 “I’d love to Blair but I have a lot of extra school work to do first. Maybe later.”

 “Okay.” Blair grabbed Jade and went out to the living room to find his father.

Simon was sitting on the couch looking through paperwork when Blair came over and stood by Simon’s knees. It took Simon a few minutes to notice his young son. “Hey son. What’s wrong?”

 Blair had his thumb in his mouth and was hugging Jade. All his said was “up” around his thumb.

 Simon picked Blair up and held him close. “What’s wrong son?”

 “Jim is too busy to play.”

 “Oh. Did he tell you why he had so much work?”

 “He said you are mad at him for fighting.”

 “I’m not mad anymore Blair, but Jim still has to do his school work while he’s home. He’s also going to stay in the bedroom until school on Monday.”

 “But it’s my room too daddy.”

 “Yes it is and you can still do what you normally do. Just try not to bother Jim too much.”

 “Okay. Can I watch cartoons?”

 “Sure son.” Simon turned on the TV and found something for Blair to watch. They both spent the rest of the afternoon doing their own thing.

 Later, Simon made dinner while Blair was playing in the bedroom with Jim. While building with their Legos, Jim heard the phone ring. Blair noticed Jim tilting his head and put his hand on his brother’s leg. “What’s daddy saying Jim?”

 “He’s talking to Uncle Joel.”

 “You think daddy will let you watch TV tonight? Survivor’s on.”

 “No. He said no TV. But if you make sure to sit on the couch between here and the TV, I can ‘zoom in’ and ‘tune in’. You haven’t told Dad about my special gifts have you?”

 “No! Daddy doesn’t know about Sentinels.”

 “Good.” Jim tilted his head and quickly got up and sat down to his schoolwork. Just as he picked up his pencil, the bedroom door opened. “Blair? Bring those blocks out here so Jim can work.”

 “He’s okay Dad. He’s not bothering me.” Jim said.

 “As long as you’re working.”

 “I am Dad.”

 “Good. If you boys need me, send Blair out.”

 “Yes sir.”

 Simon left the room but stood by the door for several moments before he was satisfied all was well. What he didn’t see was Jim holding his finger to his lips in a shushing motion until he heard their father move away.

 Blair and Jim smiled as they went back to building with the Legos.




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