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Drabble With Now Name
By Victory

I wrote this as a bribe for one of my best email/internet buddies, Wolf Pyre.  She needed an incentive to write, so I wrote this for her.  Be warned, if you find it offensive to use the proper biological terms for private areas with your children, don't read this drabble.

Chris heard the scream before he saw the small blur run through the
room. Before he could process what had happened a second, slightly
larger blur ran by. The screams from Buck became louder as a third
small blur ran by with a very girlish giggle. Chris followed the 
three blurs into the living room where he stopped dead in his tracks.
Dancing in a circle were Vin, JD and Casey; all completely NEKKID!

"Hey Chris!" Vin yelled.

"Chris look!" JD added.

Casey danced around the larger boys.

"Boys. Why are you and Casey naked?"

"Chris. Casey lost hers and we's just trying to find it." JD said.

"Yeah. We looked all over the bathroom, cause that's where she would
use it, but we couldn't find it." Vin said as he bent over and
looked under the couch.

"What did she loose?" Chris was puzzled by what the little 3 year old
could have lost.

"Can't you see Chris?" JD stood with his hands on his little hips
standing proudly in all his glory.

Trying to keep a straight face Chris asked, "No JD. If you tell me
what she lost then I can help. But first you three need to get some
clothes on."

"But Chris. Can't you see what she lost?" Vin said.

"No I can't." Chris picked up Casey who was starting to look
upset. "What did you lose sweetheart?"

"I didn't knoed I had one."

"One what?" Chris was getting frustrated.

"Buck said Casey lost her penis." Vin said boldly.


"Her penis. See I's got mine and JD's gots his, but Casey's musta
broked off cause it's gone." Vin said.

"Boys. Casey..." Chris decided he'd had enough. "Go have Buck
explain it to you. And get dressed."

All three children ran back upstairs. Quiet settled upon the house
for a few minutes as Chris was about to settle into his favorite
chair. Suddenly he heard, "LARABEE! I"M CALLIN YOU OUT!"

Chris decided to go for a walk out to the barn before Buck could make
good on his threat. He laughed all the way.

The End

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