Raul's Victory
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This is a continuation from the first story, Triple Threat.

Junior Special Agent
By Victory

When Jethro and Tony made it to the crime scene, Jethro reminded Tony to stay in the car and then grabbed his gear from the trunk. Tony had his backpack, so he decided to start his homework. He spread out on the backseat and worked in-between watching his dad work.

 It was a cool day in D.C. but Tony decided he wanted some fresh air so he tried to put the window down. With auto-windows though and no key, Tony settled for opening the door and leaving it cracked. Forty-five minutes later, Tony looked up when the front door opened.  Expecting his father, he was surprised to see a strange man. Unable to control his gasp, the man whipped around and pointed a gun at Tony.

 Tony tried to lunge for the partially open door but wasn’t quick enough. “Hey brat! Where are you going?” The man sneered as he grabbed Tony’s arm. Tony screamed.

 Distracted by Tony, the man didn’t see Gibbs open the driver’s door and grabbed the would-be kidnapper. By the time the man was unarmed, handcuffed and being read his rights, Gibbs had Tony in his arms trying to calm the crying child.

 “Sh. Sh son. I’ve got you. You’re okay.”

 “How is he?” Tim McGee asked.

 “Just frightened. He’ll be okay.”


 “Yeah Sport?”

 “Who was that guy?”

 “He was a suspect that McGee wanted to question and he decided to run.”

 Tony nodded and snuggled for a minute.

 Gibbs sighed. “I’m sorry son. I should have locked the doors.”

 “I had the backdoor open dad.”

 “Yeah?” Jethro smiled.

 “I wanted some fresh air. I’m sorry.”

 “Don’t worry Sport. Had I locked the doors, he wouldn’t have been able to get the front door open. I should have taken you back to NCIS. Next time I will.”

 “I’m okay dad. He didn’t hurt me.”

 “Good.” Jethro kissed the top of Tony’s head and helped him back into the backseat of the car. “I need to wrap up here so I want you to wait with the door shut. I’m going to lock the doors this time.”

 “Can you crack the windows first?”

 “Sure.” Gibbs put the windows down a couple inches and then locked Tony in. “I’ll be back quickly Sport.”

 “Okay dad.”

 When Gibbs returned to the car, Tony was curled up in the backseat, sound asleep. Smiling fondly, Gibbs made sure Tony was buckled in and then headed back to the office. Gibbs realized it was past lunchtime and decided to grab something to eat for them both on the way back to NCIS. He  pulled into the parking garage and woke Tony.

 “Come on Sport. Time to wake up.”

 “Are we home?” Tony asked as he rubbed sleep from his eyes.

 “No, we’re at NCIS. Did you eat at school?”

 “Not lunch but I had morning snack.”

 “I stopped on the way back and got something for us both. Let’s go eat.” Tony took his dad’s hand and they both headed into Gibbs office and desk.

 Gibbs watched as Tony ate in between yawns. When Tony pushed the food away and put his head down on the table, Gibbs decided a nap was in order. “Hey Sport. Why don’t we head down to the daycare and you can have a nap?”

 Tony rubbed his eyes and said, “I’m not tired.”

 “Sure you’re not, but let’s try anyway.”

 “Can’t I just lay down here with you?”

 Gibbs looked at his watch and decided if he wanted Tony to have a short nap he would be better off up here than at the daycare. “Okay son, but if you don’t fall asleep quickly I’m taking you downstairs. Deal?”

 “Deal.” Tony rubbed his eyes again.

 Gibbs took out a couple of blankets and made a small pallet behind his desk. Once Tony was settled, Gibbs tucked another blanket over him and kissed him on the forehead. Gibbs wasn’t even back to his work before Tony was sound asleep.

 An hour layer, Tony began to wake up. He sat up and looked around. When he saw his father he smiled. “Dad?”

 Gibbs turned toward Tony and smiled at how innocent he looked. “How was your nap Sport?”

 “I have to pee.”

 Gibbs laughed. “Well, let’s take care of that then.” Gibbs helped Tony get untangled and then took him to the head.

 After Tony did his business he asked, “What time is it dad?”

 “Almost time to go home. Your sisters got to the daycare 15 minutes ago.”

 “Are we going home now?”

 “I have to finish up but soon. Why?”

 “Can I stay with you or do I have to go to the daycare?”

 “Do you have something to keep you busy? And quiet if you stay up here?”

 “I have homework.”

“Okay, but I expect you to work quietly so I can finish up quickly.”

“I promise dad.”

“Well then, let’s get our work done so we can fetch your sisters and go home.”

Gibbs helped Tony get settled on an empty desk and quickly finished his own work.


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