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This is the fourth story in the series. Bad Luck And Trouble, Tantrums and Daddy Dearest. Read those first.

Second Childhood AU
Hell Week By Victory

Daycare was closed for fumigation. The whole process was schedules to take five days, so they were open Monday and Tuesday but closed the rest of the week until Monday. Most parents had arranged additional childcare, but Gibbs really only had his team. The problem lay in that the team was in the middle of an investigation so Tony was going to spend three days at NCIS. Tony was excited but Gibbs was dreading it.

When NCIS got a case that also involved the FBI, Gibbs was even less happy. To make matters worse, Fornell was assigned and kept bringing up Tony’s “death” and how mysterious the whole story was. Because of this, Gibbs ordered Tony to stay with Abby when Fornell was in the building.

Tony was working on his new laptop in Abby’s lab when Abby noticed he kept yawning.

“Hey Little T? Why don’t you lay down on the futon and take a nap?”

“Not…” yawn, “tired, Abs.”

“Gibbs wants you too.” She tried.

“He didn’t say that Abs.” Tony argued.

“No but you should. No telling when you’ll be getting home.”

“I’m okay Abs. Please?”

“Okay.” Abby knew with the number of yawns, the small three year-old body would soon crash. She went back to work but kept her eyes on Tony. Within 30 minutes Tony was slumped on the desk, sound asleep. Abby gently moved the sleeping child to the futon and tucked him in. She closed the office door and called Gibbs.

//Great Abby. Let me know if you need any help.//

“Sure thing boss-man.”


“Does Abby have something important?” Fornell asked Gibbs.

Gibbs smiled. She has something important to him, but not what Tobias meant. “Nothing about the case.”


Tony woke and instantly knew he was still in Abby’s lab. He also realized that Abby hadn’t put a pull-up on him before she tucked him in. He was wet.

Tony crawled off the futon and shivered. He looked for his duffle bag with his extra clothes but remembered it was in the bullpen under Gibbs desk. Tony grabbed a blanket and wrapped it around himself and peeked out of the office. Abby had her back to the door so Tony quickly and quietly snuck to the elevator. He got in and rode up to the bullpen.

When the elevator opened, Tony snuck a quick peek to see where Gibbs was. Gibbs and the “suits” were looking at the plasma discussing the case. Tony quietly moved closer and saw his bag right where Gibbs left it. He was trying to decide how to get his bag so intently. He didn’t notice Gibbs leave the group.

“Anthony DiNozzo-Gibbs! What are you doing?”

Tony spun around and faced Gibbs. “Dad!” He stammered.

“What are you doing son?” Gibbs saw Tony’s face blush and then noticed the blanket. He squatted in front of Tony and smiled. “What happened?” Gibbs asked gently.

“I fell asleep and had an accident. Abby didn’t know. I just need my extra clothes.” Tony whispered.

“And your bag is under my desk.”

“Yes sir. I know you said to stay with Abby but…” Tony was getting agitated.

“Sh. It’s okay son. Let me get your bag.” Gibbs stood and retrieved the bag.

“I’ll be right back Tobias.”

“Problem Jethro?”

“No.” Gibbs took Tony to the men’s room and helped him get cleaned up.

“Put a pull-up on Tony. I only brought the one extra pair of under-ware you already used.”


“No arguments Tony.”

“Okay.” Tony grumbled as he got redressed. “Dad?”


“I’m hungry.”

Gibbs looked at his watch and saw it was one o’clock. “Let’s call Abby and then grab some lunch.”

Gibbs took Tony and his bag back to the bullpen. When they entered Fornell looked at Gibbs. “Whose this Jethro?”

“Tobias? Meet Anthony DiNozzo the third.” Gibbs said as he picked Tony up.

“What?” Fornell exclaimed.

“Long story Tobias. One I’ll tell you over lunch. This young man is hungry.”

“Yeah, sure.” Fornell mumbled.

“Smooth Fornell.” Tony whispered.

“Tony!” Gibbs growled.

“Sorry dad.”

“Dad?” Fornell asked.

Gibbs smiled. “Let me call Abby then I’ll tell you the entire story.”


At lunch, Gibbs gave Tobias the official explanation of how Tony came to call Gibbs dad.

“So Jr. here is DiNozzo’s kid? When did that happen?”

“Apparently 3 years and 9 months ago.” Tony groused.

“Yeah, he’s DiNozzo’s kid.”

Gibbs smiled at Tony’s scowl. “Son, stop glaring at Fornell.”


Gibbs raised an eyebrow at Tony, who changed his attitude quickly. “Sorry.”

“Wow Jethro. You did that without a head-slap.”

“Tobias. You don’t hit children in the head. That’s what their bottoms are for.”

The two men laughed at Tony’s scowl. The trio returned to NCIS and once Tony was back in the lab with Abby. Then Gibbs and Fornell got back to the case.


Being three made it hard for Tony to stay focused for too long on one task. “Abby?”

“Yeah Little T?”

“I’m bored.”

“What do you want to do?”

“Can I go see Ducky?”

“Let me check.” Abby called Ducky and got the go ahead to send Tony down. “Behave Tony.”

“Always Abs.”

“Never little man.”

Tony giggled as he headed down to autopsy.


Tony hung out with Ducky for an hour then was sent back up to Abby’s lab when he kept trying to climb into the lockers. Instead of going back to forensics, he headed up to the bullpen. Tony had heard that Gibbs was out of the building and so the bullpen would be empty.

Tony spent some time crawling around the desks pushing one of his trucks. He then used his old desk chair as a go-cart and rode and spun in it.  He was again under a desk when he heard the elevator and Gibbs voice. He hunched further under the desk and tried to be quiet.

When the phone on Gibbs desk rang, Tony heard his doom.

“What! When? No, no, I’m sure he’s fine. At least until I get a hold of him. I’ll call then let you know.” Gibbs hung up then called security.

“Something wrong Jethro?” Tobias asked.

“Oh nothing much.” Gibbs paused when security answered and Gibbs told them what was needed.

Tobias laughed as soon as he hung up. “He sounds like trouble Jethro.”

“Trouble? You don’t know the half of it, but I wouldn’t trade him for anything.” When the phone rang Gibbs answered it. “Are you sure? Okay, thanks.”


“Anthony! Front and center!”

“Jethro?” Fornell began.

Gibbs held up his hand to make Tobias stop. “Now Tony.”

Ziva’s chair moved and a small head popped up. Tony tried to smile at Gibbs but mumbled an apology when he saw his father frown at him.

“And where are you supposed to be young man?”

“With Abby?”

“And is Abby here in the bullpen?”

“No sir.”

“Do you know how worried she is?”

“I didn’t think about that. I’m sorry.” Tony tried to keep the tears at bay but his emotions were too close to the surface.

“Son, what are you doing up here?” Gibbs softened.

“I was with Ducky then I came here on my way to Abby.”

“Tony!” Gibbs scolded.

“I was bored.” Tony cried. “I didn’t hurt anything.”

Gibbs sighed then motioned Tony to him. Tony responded immediately and Gibbs picked him up and held him close. “Tobias, let’s call it a day. We can pick it up tomorrow.”

“No problem Jethro. Take this young man home.”

“First we have an apology to make don’t we Tony?”

“Yes sir.”

Gibbs took Tony down to apologize to Abby then headed to the car.


"Yeah Tony?" Gibbs buckled the straps of the carseat.

''Am I in a lot of trouble?''

Gibbs looked at Tony chewing on his bottom lip and smiled. "Not too much Tony.''


“I think tomorrow we need to pack you some other things to keep you from getting bored.”

“I’m really sorry Boss. I wasn’t thinking.” Tony wiped at his weepy eyes.

“Shh Tony.” Gibbs used a tissue to wipe Tony’s face. “We knew this week was going to be hard because the daycare is closed, but we’ll survive.” Gibbs closed the back door and got into the car.

“Sorry dad.”

“I know Tony, but if you worry Abby again like that you won’t be sitting comfortably. Understand?”

“Yes sir.”

“Good. Let’s go home and Tony? No internet for a week.”

“A week? But…”

“We can discuss it with your butt if you like.”

“No sir.” Tony pouted for a few minutes and then decided he got off easier than expected.

“I thought so.”


Tony was quick to get to his room and change back into normal under ware when they got home. Gibbs started dinner and decided they both needed an early night.

“Tony? Let’s eat.”

“Coming!” Tony yelled back.

A few minutes later, Gibbs heard Tony hopping down the stairs. When the little boy entered the kitchen Gibbs tried to look stern but Tony just smiled at him. “I was having fun Boss.”

“Just be careful please. Let’s eat, then bath and bed.”

“What? I’m not tired yet.” Tony complained.

“Sit and eat please.” Gibbs waited for Tony to get into the special booster seat then sat across from Tony. As Gibbs served up the spaghetti Tony asked, “I don’t want to go to bed early dad. Please.”

“By the time I get the dishes done and you have a bath, it will be close to your bedtime anyway.”


“No ‘buts’ Tony.” Gibbs saw Tony gearing up to argue. “I’m tired Tony and we have to be back to NCIS early to meet up with Fornell.”

Tony looked and saw that Gibbs looked tired and nodded.

“Thank you son.” They finished their dinner with no more talk. When Gibbs saw Tony pushing his food around he asked if he was done.

“Yes sir.” Tony whispered.

“Why don’t you go pack your bag for tomorrow while I do the dishes.”

“Okay.” Tony quietly went upstairs.

Gibbs didn’t like seeing Tony so subdued but he was tired and couldn’t go to sleep until Tony did. By the time Tony had packed, Gibbs was at his door. “I have the water running. Do you want bubbles?”

“No.” Tony replied as he gathered his PJ’s and headed to the bathroom.

Gibbs sighed and grabbed a pull-up before following Tony. Tony got into the tub and washed as well as he could before letting Gibbs help with the hard stuff. He didn’t talk at all.

“Tony? Please.”

“I just wanted…” Tony paused and wiped at the tears he couldn’t stop.

“What did you want son?”

“There’s a movie on tonight I wanted to see. It would be over by 9PM.”

“I tell you what. You get dressed for bed and can settle in my bed and watch your movie while I take my shower. You can watch until you fall asleep. Deal?”

Tony smiled. “Deal.”

“Good.” Gibbs got Tony dried dressed and tucked into the master bedroom with the remote to the TV. He took a quick shower and got into bed next to Tony. He could see that Tony was fading fast, so he turned out the lights and lay down to wait out the toddler.


Tony yawned again and looked at Gibbs, who was snoring softly. He grinned, guess he was tired. Tony was able to make it thru the whole movie, just barely. When Gibbs woke suddenly he noticed Tony was sound asleep with his thumb firmly in his mouth. He glanced at the clock and saw it was almost midnight. The TV was off and all was well, so Gibbs went back to sleep.


Gibbs was the first to wake in the morning. He left Tony sleeping and got ready, Once he had everything ready to go he made a quick breakfast and then went to wake Tony.

"Time to get up Sport!" Gibbs shook Tony and uncovered the boy. Tony moaned but didn't wake. Gibbs quickly changed Tony's pull-up and dressed him. Once the boy was dressed, Gibbs carried him into the kitchen. He tried to feed the sleepy boy but gave up quickly and finished his. He carried Tony to the car and figured he'd get him some food when he woke up.



Tony woke when Gibbs pulled into the NCIS garage. ''Dad?''

"Well, sleeping beauty awakes. Are you hungry?''

''A little.'' Tony stretched as Gibbs helped him out of his booster seat.

''I stopped and got you a breakfast sandwich when I got my coffee.' 'Gibbs took the take out bag and Tony's hand. ''You can eat at my desk then decide what to do next."

"Can't I help with the case?''

''Tony, you know Fornell will be there and you're 3.”

Tony sighed. "I Know but I miss it sometimes."

They entered the bullpen and Tony ate his food. Gibbs checked what Tony packed to stay busy and decided he could stay in the bullpen for awhile.

"Tony? Why don't you settle at the extra desk for if a while. Maybe if you're quiet enough you can hear what’s going on.”

"Sure Boss!” Tony got settled quickly and observed as he colored. Tony looked like a typical kid quietly coloring but Gibbs knew he heard everything.


When they broke for lunch, Tony was yawning. He had managed to not fidget much and was able to hear most of the case details.

"Let's go grab some lunch son." Gibbs said.

''Dad?" Tony put his stuff in neat piles and grabbed his notepad. Even though Tony still had all of his reading and writing skills, his handwriting was rough due to his 3 year-old coordination.

''What Tony?"

“I have a couple ideas about the case." Tony yawned.

"Show me at lunch. Then I want you to take a nap." Gibbs picked Tony up and headed for the elevator.

“Daaaaad! I can walk.”

Gibbs smiled and jiggled Tony playfully. "I know Tony. Maybe I want to carry you."

Tony shared his theories on the case and after tucking him into Abby’s futon for a nap, checked the theories out. By the time Tony woke, his information helped break the case.

“Jethro, I still don't know how you came to the conclusion you did, but I’m glad this one is over."

"My team is the best Tobias."

“ Where's your Shadow?"

"Taking a nap."

''No he's not baseman!” Abby stated as she approached in a panic.

''What?" Gibbs stood.

''I finished running that evidence and then checked on Little T and the futon was empty.''

''Did you check the men's room?" Gibbs suggested as he called security to alert them to Tony being missing in the building.

''Yes Gibbs." Abby fidgeted.

"Relax Abs. He hasn't left the building so we'll find him.'' Gibbs headed down to security to check the logs.

Meanwhile, in Abby's office, under the futon lay a sleeping Tony.


"Anything Jethro?"

"Tobias, the cameras don't show him even leaving forensics."

"Maybe he didn’t.”

''Let's go look."

When they entered forensics, Gibbs headed right into Abby’s office. He saw the futon and the blankets strewn around.

"Are there any places to hide in here?"

“Tobias, he’s 3. He's also very good at hiding." Gibbs snapped he's his fingers. ''Abs?"

''Yeah boss?"

''Boot up Tony's GPS tracker."

“Tracker? You lo-jacked your own kid?"

''My whole team have trackers Tobias.”


"Yeah Abs?"


"The GPS has Tony in the office on the futon. This can't be right.”

Gibbs smiled.  ''Not on Abby, under. Did you check under the futon?"

"No." They all went back into the office and looked under the bed.

There, sound asleep, was Tony, sucking his thumb.

''He's here." Gibbs sighed.

"Why is he under the bed?" Tobias asked.

''Long story, He finds security, in it."

''Did DiNozzo abuse him?" Fornell asked. He noticed a look between Jethro and Abby. ''What am I missing?"

''Tobias, if I tell you, you can't tell anyone. "Gibbs stated.

''Now I'm intriged."

''Tony, Little T as Abby calls him, is really Special Agent DiNozzo." Gibbs paused.


"Tony, why are you under the bed son?"

Tony crawled out and approached Gibbs as he rubbed at his eyes he held his arms up to be picked up.

''Are you dry?" Gibbs whispered.

Tony nodded and Gibbs gathered him into his lap.

"Had a nightmare." Tony mumbled.

"Oh?" Gibbs rubbed his back and turned to Fornell.

''I don't believe it Jethro." Tobias stated.

“It's true. There was a case involving some secret government project and Tony was downsized. He has all of his memory and knowledge all wrapped up in this small package."

''That's hard to believe Jethro."

"I’ll prove it." Gibbs moved Tony a little. ''Son?"


''Wake up son. Tobias wants to ask you something."

''What?'' Tony opened his eyes.

"Who's your father Tony?" Tobias asked.

''Gibbs." Tony mumbled.

''Tony? I told Tobias the truth but he wants proof.”

"You sure Boss?"

"Yep, we can trust him."

"My real father is Anthony DiNozzo Sr."

“ That is not proof Jethro."

''You always pronounced my name wrong Fornell and Agent slacks thought I had killed that woman and hacked off her legs."

"What! "Tobias looked shocked. ''How?"

''That's classified Fornell. "Tony smirked.

''Tony." Gibbs gently reprimanded. ''Go use the bathroom and come back here.''

"Sure Boss."

''He solved this case didn't he?"

''Yeah Tobias. He's still a great Agent even if he is a bundle of trouble."

''That's an understatement."

''I'm just glad tomorrow is Friday and with this case wrapped up, I'm giving this team a 3 day weekend. The day care will be back open on Monday, Thank God."

"Daaad! I need help." Tony yelled from the bathroom. ''I pooped."

Gibbs groaned as he heard Tony giggle with mischief. Tobias could be heard laughing as the elevator doors closed on his exit.      Gibbs headed to the men's room like a man going to his own execution.


                        The End!


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