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Second Childhood NCIS-AU
Crossover With Stargate SG-1
Bad Luck And Trouble

The body of a Marine was found outside an unused warehouse and NCIS had been called. The team arrived and Leroy Jethro Gibbs started barking orders.

"DiNozzo, McGee, Kate, check the warehouse, then process the scene."

"Yes boss." They all replied as they got to work.

As the team went into the warehouse, Dr. Mallard started to examine the body.

"Ducky? Do you have a time of death?"

"Not yet Jethro."

Before Gibbs could ask anything else, military trucks poured into the area and personal surrounded NCIS. Gibbs stood his ground as a young man in his early thirties with glasses get out of a car.

"Who are you?" Gibbs demanded.

"And you are?" The man asked.

"Special Agent Jethro Gibbs. And you?"

"Dr. Daniel Jackson." Daniel stuck his hand out but Gibbs didn't take it.

"Okay I guess I'll get right to the point. Your dead marine is now our problem. And before you ask it's classified."

Before Gibbs could respond a bright flash of light and a loud boom came from the warehouse. Gibbs turned and ran toward where his team were inside, Daniel was right behind him.

As they entered the warehouse, Gibbs stopped in his tracks. Stunned by what he was seeing and hearing mumbled curses behind him, Gibbs was speechless.

Sitting on a table was a strange cube with various symbols on it. Gibbs thought they looked Egyptian. What shocked him more was his team.

Tony, McGee and Kate were all standing with their clothes hanging loose. All of them too big now that his team appeared to be children. Gibbs turned back to Dr. Jackson and saw another boy standing with Daniel. He looked to be about 14 or 15 years-old but was wearing military clothing.

"What the hell happened Daniel?" The boy yelled.

"Jack. I told you to wait in the car."

"Wait my ass. Why did you let the come in here? Look what's happened!" Jack yelled as he paced.

"A friend of yours?" Gibbs asked.

Daniel sighed. "Agent Gibbs meet Col. Jack O'Neill, USAF. You and your team need to come with us and then we can explain."

"What! Since when do they let children join the Air Force?" Gibbs demanded.

"Hey! I am not a child." Jack complained.

"Boss!" Gibbs turned back to his 'small' problems. The Marines were securing the scene, including his team. All three of his team were struggling.

"Tony! Kate! Tim! Stop this instant." All three children stopped.

"Nice Agent Gibbs. You'll have to show me that trick." Daniel smirked.

"Hey! Can we get the hell out of here?" Jack demanded.

"Jack stop it and watch your language." Daniel reprimanded.

"Agent Gibbs, I assure you all of your answers will be answered. Please."

"Fine, but I will expect answers quickly." Gibbs turned to his team who had gathered behind him.

Tony looked about 14 or 15 years-old as he held up his pants, which were too big. Kate and McGee looked younger, about 9 or 10 years-old. All of them had stepped out of their shoes, since they were way too big.

Tony tugged on Gibbs jacket. "Boss, what happened?"

"You tell me. What did you touch?"

"We were securing the scene and when we tried to examine that funny looking cube, a huge light came out and then were short." Tony hung his head. "Sorry Boss. I screwed up."

"Nothing to be sorry about Tony." Gibbs smiled at his team then turned to Daniel and Jack. "Okay. Let's do -this, but no one manhandles my team."

"Deal. Gentleman, finish cleaning up here and be careful with that cube. We don't need anymore children around here." Jack ordered.

"Bossy isn't he." Tony mumbled to Kate. He relaxed when Gibbs head-slapped him.

"Let's go kids." Gibbs smiled at the three groans.


Gibbs and his much younger team found themselves halfway across the country and buried under Cheyenne Mountain. They were provided quarters and clothing that fit. Each member of his team were examined by the military medical personnel. Each were verified as his team by DNA matching. Based on normal standards, Tony was 15 years-old, Kate was 10 years-old and McGee was 9 years-old. All four of them were waiting for Dr. Jackson to brief them on what happened.

"Boss? What are we going to do if they can't fix this?"

"We'll figure it out Tony." Gibbs was pacing. He hated to wait.


"Tony!" Gibbs faced his Senior Field Agent. He looked so lost. "I will take care of you Tony. You have my promise."

Tony nodded. "Okay Boss."

"Good boy."


Gibbs smiled. "Sorry Tony but you are a boy right now."

"This sucks. I didn't like my childhood the first time around."

Before Gibbs could comment the door opened. "Agent Gibbs? General Hammond is ready for you."

The four agents followed the airman and arrived in a board room. "Please have a seat." Daniel said. When everyone was settled General Hammond entered.

"Agent Gibbs? I'm sorry we have to meet under these circumstances. I'll get right to it. What you're about to hear is classified at the highest level. You all could be shot if you repeat any of it.

"This facility is part of a military organization called the SGC. It stands for Star Gate Command. We are the front line defense against and alien race called the G'ould."

"Aliens? Cool. Is this area 51?" Tony asked. The head slap wasn't unexpected. "Sorry Boss."

General Hammond smiled. "That's okay son and no this isn't Area 51."


"Several levels below us is a device called the Stargate. It was found in Giza and the ancient language was deciphered by Dr. Jackson. Col. O'Neill is or was the leader of SG-1 until a month ago."

"Col. O'Neill has been a child for a month?" Gibbs asked.

"Yes. One very long month." The General answered.

"Hey! I'm in the room." O'Neill yelled. He quickly added 'sir' when Hammond raised a disapproving eyebrow at him.

"As I was saying. The device your team encountered at the warehouse was found by SG-1 and accidentally turned the colonel into a teenager. As the scientists were trying to figure out how to reverse the effects, the cube was stolen. We tracked it down to that warehouse. The dead Marine was the man who stole it. We're still looking for who killed him."

"We could help. My team is the best." Gibbs stated.

"At that I have no doubt, but three of your team are children."

"We still have all our memories." Kate added.

"Yes but as children, your bodies can't handle the emotional and physical pressure it would take." General Hammond stated.

"We are very close to solving this one. You all just need to be patient." Daniel added.

"You've been saying that for weeks Daniel. Fix it!" Jack screamed.

"Excuse us sir." Daniel got up and grabbed Jack by the arm and manhandled him out of the room.

"It's been a long month and Jack hasn't adjusted well to being a teenager again." General Hammond commented.

"I can relate." Tony mumbled.

"DiNozzo." Gibbs growled.

"Shutting up Boss."

"Daniel told me how well your team listens but I didn't believe him. What's your secret?"

"A well-placed head slap." Tony said expecting the slap he received.

"Exactly." Gibbs smiled.

General Hammond laughed. The door to the briefing room opened and Jack and Daniel re-entered the room.

"Sorry for my outburst Sir." Jack said as he gently sat down.

"Forgiven son." Hammond said.

Hammond answered all of their questions and then dismissed everyone. Gibbs and his team went back to their assigned quarters.


"General Hammond?"

"Come on in Daniel. How's our boy?"

"Going crazy. I confined him to his quarters for the rest of the day."

"The physical reminder wasn't enough?"

"Maybe, but he's been acting suspicious lately. He's up to something."

"Should I post a guard at the research room?"

"Nah. I'll be in there for a while then I'll check on Jack."

"Keep me posted."

"Have we decided what to do with our guests yet?" Daniel asked.

"I'm hoping you guys can solve this quickly but if not, Gibbs has agreed to take custody of his team. I have a team working on a cover story if we need it."

"Well, I'll get back to work then."

"Dismissed. Good luck son."


"I'm bored." Tony complained.

"Go play the video games they brought. Tim and Kate are doing something. Join them."



"What are we going to do if they can't fix this?" Tony asked.

"I already explained that to you Tony. I will take custody of all of you."

"Do I have to call you dad?" Tony asked with mischief.

"DiNozzo, don't make me head slap you again."

A knock at the door interrupted them. Daniel entered when called.

"Any news?" Gibbs asked.

"Nothing yet. Thought you would like a small tour."

"Yes!" Tony jumped for joy.

"Tony! Stop it now."

"Boss." Tony whined. "I'm bored."

"Why don't I take you down to Jack's room and you can keep each other company." Daniel suggested.

"Can we go too boss?" Kate asked.

"Daniel?" Gibbs left it up to the good Doctor.

"Sure as long as you all promise to stay there until we come back."

"Deal." Kate agreed.

They all left the room and headed to Jack's room. Daniel knocked and went in.

"Jack?" Daniel yelled into the empty room.

"What!" Jack yelled back from the bathroom.

"You have company."

"Thought I was 'grounded'." Jack sneered.

"Unless you want another attitude adjustment, I suggest you change your tune." Daniel warned. "I'm taking Jethro on a short tour and thought you and his team could keep each other company."

"Yeah sureyoubetcha."

"Good. Behave and stay here."

"Boss?" Tony whispered.

"What Tony?"

"I'd like to go on the tour."

"Maybe later Tony. I want you to stay here with Kate, McGee and Jack."

"But..." Tony saw the look on Gibbs' face and conceded. "Fine, I'll stay here."

"Good. Behave."


After Daniel and Gibbs left, Jack went into action. "You guys want to be adults again?"

"Yes." They all answered.

"Then follow me." Jack lead them all out of the room and down several hallways until they reached a storage room.

"Where are we going?" McGee asked.

"To the room they have the cube in. It can't be too hard. I saw them restore a couple test animals, but every time I suggest trying it on me they shut me down."

"Cool. McGee's pretty good with gadgets. Maybe he could help."

The four kids entered the room and began to look around. While Kate and McGee looked at the cube, Tony and Jack scouted out the hall and watched for the 'adults'. Tony and Jack were about to enter the room again when they saw a flash of light. The base alarm went off but Jack and Tony didn't care as they rushed back into the room.

Kate and McGee were scrambling for clothes. They were adults again. "What did you guys do?" Jack asked with some excitement.

"I'm not completely sure." McGee said.

Personnel rushed into the room and secured it. Daniel and Gibbs entered too. Gibbs smiled when he saw McGee and Kate back to normal, but frowned that Tony and Jack were still kids.

"What are you doing in here? I told you all to stay in your room." Daniel yelled at Jack.

"We figured it out Daniel." Jack hollered. "We can turn us back."

"Kate? McGee? What happened?" Gibbs asked.

"I'm not sure yet Boss." McGee responded.

"Let's go to the conference room." Hammond announced.

"Jack, I would like a word with you." Daniel stated as he dragged Jack out of the room.

"But Daniel. We can make me an adult too." Daniel wasn't listening.

"Tony? With me." Gibbs headed out knowing Tony would follow him.


"Now DiNozzo." Tony had to run to catch up with Gibbs.


"Weren't you told to stay in Jack's room and to behave.?"

"Yes Boss but Jack..." Tony stopped when Gibbs raised his hand.

"I'm only going to tell you this once. You will obey what you are told or your head won't be the only thing getting swatted."

"What! I'm not a kid Boss, even if I look like one."

"You're acting like a child. Act like one and you'll be treated as one. Am I clear?"

"Crystal Boss."

"Good. Now let's go see what McGee did and get you back to normal."


Four days later they still couldn't figure out what turned McGee and Kate back to adults. However, Tony and Jack were becoming holy terrors. On more than one occasion both boys ended up with their ends up.

On the fifth day, Daniel and the scientists were ready to try anything to get the teens off their backs. However, Jack and Tony had a plan of their own.

Since their first escape resulting in Tim and Kate being resized, the teens were under 24 hour supervision. Jack knew the weak link in security though and put their plan into effect. A day later, both teens were in the infirmary complaining of a sore throat. During a small lack of supervision, the boys headed to R&D and the cube.

"Jack, we don't even know what they did."

"It can't hurt to try Tony. No one will give us any information."

"We could end up younger or worse; old like Gibbs."

"Get serious Tony. We won't get another chance at this. When Daniel and Gibbs catches us we won't see daylight for weeks."

"I guess you're right. I just hate being a teenager again."

As they approached the door the base alarm went off. "They know we're gone, let's move." Jack ordered.

Tony ran after Jack and they entered the room with the cube. As the door closed, Tony saw Gibbs headed toward them.

"Hurry!" Tony yelled.


"Daniel! Jack and Tony just ran into the room with the cube."

"Stop them! The tests reveal the cube will overload and blow if used again."


Just then light came out from under the door. Without thinking, Gibbs ran into the room. He quickly located the two boys, grabbed them and ran from the room. Everyone was running for cover as the blast doors came down to contain the explosion that shook the mountain.

When the dust settled, Gibbs was holding two toddlers under his arms. "Things just got worse Daniel." Gibbs observed.

Daniel just groaned.


A week later, Gibbs sent Kate and McGee back to Washington. Hammond was putting the cover story in place for Gibbs to return to Washington with Tony. Tony, now approximately 3 years old was not adjusting well. The cube left him with his memories but the body and emotions of a 3 year-old.

Gibbs on the other hand, had lost about 10 years when  he grabbed the boys from the room. Since Tony would need to grow up again, the SGC made Tony disappear and Anthony III was born. The cover made Gibbs the new parent of one Anthony DiNozzo the third.

Daniel promised to keep in touch since he would be Jack's permanent guardian. Jack was also reduced to about 3 years-old and was grudgingly acceptant of his fate. He felt guilty that Tony was going to stay a kid also.

Gibbs and Tony were packed and ready to leave when Daniel and Jack met them.

"You two ready to go?" Daniel asked.

"I think so. Tony don't forget your Teddy." Gibbs teased.

"Boss." Tony hissed.

"You can't call me Boss Tony, not in public. Besides Jack gave you that bear as a peace offering."

"Thanks Jack." Tony replied and retrieved the dreaded teddy-bear. When he returned to Gibbs's side he smiled with mischief and said, "I'm 'weady daddy."

"Smart ass." Gibbs took their travel bag in one hand and Tony's hand in the other.

"The plane will take you to Norfolk Airbase."

"Good. Kate and McGee are picking us up. I told them not to forget the booster seat."

"I'm jealous Jethro. You got some of your youth back to deal with your hellion. I'm getting older by the day."

"Funny Danny." Jack mumbled.

"I thought it was Jack. Say good-bye Jack."

"Good-bye Jack.: Jack said.

"Smart ass." Tony replied and earned a swat to his small bottom. "Ouch." Tony cried as he rubbed his abused bottom.

"I can't head slap your tiny head. Watch your language."

"I'll try. See ya later Jack. Email me and we can commiserate." Tony said.

"Watch those big words Tony." Daniel said with a laugh.

"Hey. I'm a baby genius. Did you see that movie?" Tony bounced in excitement.

"Thanks a lot Daniel." Gibbs groaned. "It may be naptime early today."

"No nap." Tony yelled.

"I meant me." Gibbs and Daniel said in unison.

"See ya Tony. I really am sorry about this."

"Don't be. I had a horrible childhood the first time but Gibbs will be a great dad. This gives me a second chance."

"Okay. I'll email you back, promise."


Even with the announcement that he didn't want a nap, Tony fell asleep on the flight home. He didn't even wake when Gibbs carried him off the plane and met up with his team.

"Awe. How cute, he's sucking his thumb." Kate said.

"Don't let him hear you say that. Were you able to get everything taken care of?"

"All set Boss." McGee said as he put their bags in the truck.

"Good." Gibbs put Tony in the booster seat and as he buckled the straps, Tony woke.

"Where are we dad?" He asked sleepily.

"Almost home Tony. Go back to sleep."


"He called you dad." Kate asked.

"He is essentially my kid now. It took days to get him to stop calling me boss." Gibbs got into the passenger seat as Kate and McGee got in.

"Welcome home Boss, welcome home." Kate and McGee said together.

The End


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