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This is story #3 in the Seven's Kennel AU. It will help to read the first story, Changing of the Guard, or this story may not make any sense. 

Camping Nightmare
By Victory

Chris entered the house through the human door and shivered. The weather was getting warmer, but spring rain made it chilly and miserable. Chris saw the rest of the seven snuggled in their room keeping warm in front of the fireplace.

 //Hey Chris. Is it still raining?// Josiah asked.

 //Yeah. If you guys don’t need me, I’m going to lay down and get warm.//

 //Go ahead.// Josiah motioned to the pups. //The pups are asleep and all’s quiet.//

 Chris found his blanket and crawled onto his couch.

 “I don’t think we should Amanda.” John said as they walked into the den.

 “Why not? It should be fun.”

 “Sure, lots of fun. You remember how much of a pain Chris was when we took him.”

 Amanda smiled. “He was horrible wasn’t he.”

 “We got no sleep.”

 “I kept telling you to let him in with us. He was cold.”

 “He’s always cold and that sleeping bag was not big enough for all three of us.”


 //Yeah Ezra?//

 //What are they saying?//

 Josiah laughed as Chris growled. //They’re talking about camping.//

 //What’s that?// Vin asked as he snuggled closer to Josiah to stay warm.

 //Camping is when Tamaxians go out into the wilderness and sleep outside and cook outside.//

 //Why?// JD asked.

 //Let me tell you a story.//

 //Josiah! The pups don’t need to hear that story!// Chris growled.

 Unfortunately for Chris, Amanda heard his growl. “Christopher! Stop that!”

 Josiah laughed again as Chris stood up. He took his blanket and headed for the door. //Go ahead Josiah, but I’m going to the master bedroom.// Chris then stormed out.

 //Why’s Chris so upset Josiah?// Ezra asked.

 //Because he’s embarrassed about his first camping trip.// Buck answered.

 //Can you tell us about it Josiah?// Vin asked.

 //Sure. It was quite while ago when Chris was still pretty young. He was 14 yearn I think and Amanda and John decided to go to a local campsite; off the island.//


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