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General Chaos AU 
Mini Mission By Victory

General Chaos AU: Story 1

Mini Mission

By Victoria Savard



"Yes Sir General?"

"What is this?" General Hammond waved the report at Walter.


"What happened this time? And why wasn't I notified an hour ago?"

"Sir you were in a video conference with the president. I assumed you wouldn't want to be disturbed. I'm sorry."

"No Walter, I guess it wouldn't have been good to interrupt. Where did you put them?"

"They are all in their base room next to yours. I have a SF watching the door."

"What do I have left to do today?" General Hammond asked.

"Nothing sir. I cleared your schedule for the rest of the day."

"Good. Will you let the gate know we

will all be leaving within the hour?"

"Yes sir. Have a good night."

"Hurumph! Not unless you're taking home my miscreants."

"No sir, they are all your."

"Coward. I'll see you tomorrow Walter." Hammond locked up his office and headed toward his base quarters. He gathered his stuff and checked the security monitors in the next room. What he saw made him move quickly to the room next to his.


"This is all your fault Jack."

"How's this my fault Danny?" Jack stood toe to toe with Daniel.

"You're the leader." Daniel thru his words back at him.

"You didn't have to follow." Jack yelled back.

"Guys?" Sam asked.

"WHAT?" They both yelled.

Sam started to cry and yelled, "I'm telling Daddy," then threw herself onto her bed.

"Great! Just great!" Jack yelled.

"I'm telling too Jack." Daniel announced.

"Go right ahead Danny, because you're in just as much trouble as me and Sam." Jack pushed Daniel.

"It's your fault!" Daniel said as he pushed Jack back. A shoving match ensued.

"ENOUGH!" General Hammond shouted as he entered the room.

"Daddy!" Sam yelled and threw herself at Hammond. He picked up the crying 4 year-old.

"Why are you crying Sammie?"

"They yelled at me." Sam tattled.

"Boys?" When no one answered, he turned to his oldest. "Jack?"

"I didn't mean too dad." 8 year-old Jack answered.

"Daniel?" Hammond asked the 6 year-old.

"I'm sorry too, but it was all Jack's fault."

"Was not." Jack defended.

"Why were you boys pushing each other?"

"Jack pushed me first." Daniel pouted.

"I don't care who started it. Gather your stuff, we're going home."

"Yes sir." All the children responded.

Hammond gathered Sam back into his arms and herded the others out the door. Within the hour the small family was on their way home.


"This is your fault Jack." Daniel whispered from his corner in their father's den.

"Shut up Danny." Jack whispered back from the opposite corner.

"Stupid head."


"Jar head."


"Jonathan O'Neill Hammond! Come here."

"He started it dad."

"Now!" George waited with his hands on his hips as Jack moved toward his father.

"He said stuff too." Jack defended.

 "I will deal with Daniel in a minute." George took Jack by the elbow and lead him to his room with a small swat. As they passed Sam's room, Jack could hear her crying.

"Dad? Did you spank Sammie?"

"No Jack. She didn't start this little escapade did she."

"No sir. She was just following me and Danny."

"Son, what possessed you to leave the daycare and lead an expedition into the surrounding woods?"

"Daycare was boring dad. There's nothing for kids my age."

"So you went for a walk?"

"No, it was a mission."

"A mission! Why drag your baby sister with you. She could have been hurt."

"I wasn't planning on her dad. She heard Danny talking and said she was gonna tattle on us, so we took her too."

"What is the rule?"

"About daycare?"

"Young man don't get wise. What is the rule?" Hammond demanded.

"Don't leave the daycare without supervision." Jack responded.

"Did you have supervision?" Jack shook his head. "No, you did not. Yet you, Danny and your baby sister decided to go AWOL and track thru the woods."

"Yes sir. I'm sorry. It was my idea."

"I'm sure it was. And that's why your brother and sister are only going to be grounded for a week while you will be grounded for two weeks and will be spanked."

"Can't you just ground me longer, please." Jack begged.

"No son. And I also told you what to expect if I heard you swearing again."

"I'm sorry." Jack cried.

"I know son. You need to think things through next time." George led Jack to the bathroom and washed the boy's mouth out with soap. After letting him rinse for several minutes, George gave Jack a thorough spanking. When finished, he held Jack close until he calmed down.

"No more unauthorized missions son. Understood?"

"Yes sir." Jack hiccupped.

"Good." George kissed Jack on the head. "I want you to stay in your room and work on any school work you have. I'll check on you later."


George left and let Daniel know he was grounded and restricted to his room until dinner. George decide he needed a drink before starting dinner.

The End


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