Raul's Victory
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By Victory

"Joe! Letís go Little Joe!" Adam yelled up the stairs. He was about to holler again when he heard the sound of boots running down the hallway.

"Sorry Adam. Papa puts so many clothes on me Iís canít move." Three-year old Little Joe Ďwaddledí down the stairs and jumped into his big brotherís waiting arms. Adam laughed at the sight. The only part of Joe that was showing was his beautiful green eyes. Adam saw innocence and mischief as he gazed into the deep green pools.

"I had no choice son." Ben said from the top of the stairs. "Youíre mother would have my hide if I let you go Christmas tree hunting without bundling you up."

"Bundled Pa? He looks wrapped and ready to cook for supper." Hoss added from in front of the raging fireplace.

"Funny, boys, but I will not tangle with your mother."

"Chicken." Adam mumbled.

"Youíve got that right young man. Now the three of you get before I find something to bundle the rest of you in."

"Yes sir." Was heard from all three boys as they left the get a tree. Ben settled down with his pipe and a book to enjoy a moment of quiet. He reflected on the past year and found that, although they had had some tragedy, they also had good times. And no matter what the world lays before them, Ben Cartwright knew that his family would be the center of the storm.

Merry Christmas

The End

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