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New AU Background

I got this crazy idea by reading all those Little Danny Fics. What if Daniel was adopted by Jack after his parents were killed? The setting is roughly the same, but Daniel is 14 years old, still a genius, was home schooled and taking college courses locally. Jack is still a Colonel and leader of SG-1, but Daniel is only a consultant, part-time. This AU is open if anyone wants to play, just let me know.

Growing Pains
By Victory

"What the hell were you thinking?" Colonel Jack O'Neill yelled as he entered his office at Cheyenne Mountain.

"It was an accident dad." The 14-year old sighed as he sat down.

"An accident! You broke security Daniel." Jack sat down suddenly and sighed along side his son. "Son, you have to be more careful."

Daniel looked up at his father and winced. "Am I in a lot of trouble?"

"General Hammond was not happy. He and I had to do quite a bit of scrambling to clean up this mess."

"I meant with you."

"Danny, the US Air Force has fixed your 'accident'." Jack paused.


"However, now you have to deal with me." Jack watched Daniel swallow hard. "Consider yourself grounded. You are confined to this base, home and earth."

"No off world?" Daniel was shocked.


Daniel stood suddenly and angrily paced. "That's not fair! I said it was an accident."

Jack stood. "Fair? Daniel Jackson O'Neill! You're lucky I understand it was an accident or we would be finishing this discussion in the den at home. Do I make my self perfectly clear?"

Daniel stopped pacing and looked at his father. "Yes sir. I'm sorry."

"Good." Jack moved toward his desk and sat down. "I suggest you get your schoolwork done since you'll be going to bed an hour early while grounded."

"How long?"

"A month." Noticing Daniel was about to argue further, Jack pointed at his son. "No argument Daniel."


"Ahh." Daniel shut his mouth. "Good. Now go apologize to General Hammond and then get to your homework."

"Yes sir." Daniel headed out the door.

"Daniel?" Jack said.

"Yes sir?"

"I want no more 'accidents' or I will take a more 'hands on' approach to discipline. Understood?"

"Yes sir."

"And..." Jack waited for Daniel to look up. "I love you son. Always remember that."

"I love you too dad."

"Good. Go talk to the General and then bring your work back here."

"Okay." Daniel walked out feeling better that he was loved and had people who would 'clean up' his messes.

Later that evening...

"You never did tell me what caused you to slip today." Jack asked as he started to clear the dinner dishes.

"I was in Anthro class and they were discussing the great pyramids."

"Ah." Jack started to load the dishwasher.

"I was fine through the lecture, even though I knew Dr. Jacobson was wrong, but then another classmate decided to corner me and he got me mad."

"Danny. Have you been having trouble with other classmates?"

"Not really. They look at me like an outsider because I'm so young. Some people don't even listen to me because of it, but it's okay."

"You know you can take the same courses online."

"I can handle it dad!"

"Don't raise your voice to me. I'm just concerned about you."

"I'm sorry. I'm still angry at the idiots teaching."

"Daniel." Jack warned.

“I don’t know why you’re always defending those ignorant professors.” Daniel turned to storm out of the kitchen.

“Stop!” Daniel did. “What’s the real problem Daniel?” When Daniel turned to face his father, Jack noticed the unshed tears in his eyes. “Awe Danny. What’s wrong?”

Daniel wiped at his eyes. “I don’t know. I get so frustrated because no one listens to the truth at school and everyone looks at me like some kid.”

Jack smiled as he led Daniel to the living room. “Son, you are a kid.”

“Yeah, A kid who has seen aliens and been to other galaxies. It doesn’t mean a damn thing to those morons at school.”

“Daniel, please watch your language. Why are you so worked up about this? You knew when you started that it was going to be hard because of the Stargate.”

“Even if the Stargate didn’t exist, I still speak and read Egyptian.”


“And that idiot wouldn’t listen to me today about what the book had translated wrong. He wouldn’t even listen to me.”

“So that’s why you were upset enough to let it slip that aliens built the pyramids.”

“Yeah. I knew the moment it came out, that I was going to be in trouble. He made me so mad.”

“The classmate or the professor?”


“Why don’t you go take a relaxing bath and get ready for bed.”

“Do I have to go to bed early?” Daniel whined.

“Son, the punishment still stands even when you’re frustrated. Go get ready for bed, and I’ll read to you before bed.”

“I’m not a baby dad.” Daniel stormed off to take a bath.

“Maybe not a baby, but definitely a teenager.” Jack mumbled.

Jack gave Daniel some time to get ready for bed before he knocked on the door.

 “What!” Daniel said through the door.

 “May I come in?”

 “Gimme a sec.” Jack heard shuffling and then the door opened. Daniel was dressed in sleep pants and a t-shirt with a towel on his wet head. “Sorry, I wasn’t dressed.” Daniel let his father into the room.

 “I wanted to make sure you were okay before you went to bed.”

 “I’m fine dad.” Daniel sighed as he started brushing his hair. When finished, he slid into bed.

 “Are you sure?”

 “Yes dad.” Daniel rolled his eyes as he took his glasses off and rolled over.

 “Okay son.” Jack tucked Daniel in and kissed his head. “Sleep well. I’ll see you in the morning.”

 Jack stood and was going to add something when the phone rang. “Night son.” Jack left Daniel’s room and shut the door.

 Daniel sat up and mumbled, “Saved by the bell,” and kicked back the covers.


Jack answered the phone as he looked at the clock. //8pm// He had a fleeting thought that Daniel didn’t fight his early bedtime very hard. “Hello?”

 “Is Danny there?” A female voice asked.

 “He is but he’s not available right now.” Jack’s ‘dad’ radar was up. “Can I take a message?”

 “Sure, this is Sandy. I was going to pick up Danny at 8:15pm but I’m running a little late.”

 “Pick him up? Tonight?”

 “Yes sir, for study group. He said he needed a ride so I offered to pick him up.”


 “No actually. He suggested the corner of Murray and Prospect.”

 “Well Sandy, you can take your time because Danny isn’t going out tonight. He’s grounded, but I’ll give him your message. Good night.”

 “Oh, okay.”

 Jack hung up before he heard her say good-bye. He headed down the hall to Daniel’s room and opened the door. As he suspected, no Daniel. The bed had a lump in it and the window was cracked open. Jack closed the window and locked it. He then went to get his coat to find his wayward son. //No wonder he didn’t complain about an 8pm bedtime//

 Jack jumped into his truck and headed a couple blocks away to Murray and Prospect. There on the corner was Daniel, bundled against the cold carrying his backpack. Jack drove up and stopped in front of his boy. Daniel wasn’t looking in his direction because he was waiting for Sandy.

 Jack rolled down his window. “Daniel!”

 Daniel spun around so quickly, he dropped his pack. “D..ad?”

 “Surprised to see me?”

 “Ah…a little.”

 “Get in.”


 “Son, if I have to get out of this truck…” Jack left the threat open.

 “Yes sir.” Daniel settled into the passenger seat and fumbled with his seatbelt. “How?”

 “How did I find you?” Daniel nodded. “Sandy called to say she was going to be late. Imagine my surprise. Would you like to explain to me what you were thinking?”

 “Not really.” Daniel sassed.

 Jack pulled the truck into the garage and parked. “That was an order young man. What were you thinking?”

 Daniel looked at his father. “I was thinking being grounded sucked and going to bed at 8pm is for babies.” Daniel stormed out of the truck and ran into the house.

 “Daniel!” Jack followed Daniel into the house and down to the boy’s room. Last year Daniel had locked himself in his room and Jack ended up breaking it down. Since then, the door had no more lock. Jack opened the door that Daniel slammed. “This discussion isn’t over young man.”

 “What discussion? Would you have let me go if I had asked?” Daniel yelled.

 “No you’re grounded. Remember?”

 “Just what I thought.”

 “So you figured to just defy me and sneak out?”

 “Yes.” Daniel replied defiantly.

 “Do you know how dangerous this little stunt was? Haven’t we discussed there are people out there who would love to snatch you because of me.”

 “So you’re always saying. It was a study group, nothing more.”

 “That’s where you’re wrong young man.” Jack advanced on Daniel as he unbuckled his belt. “It was a direct violation of your grounding. It was disobedient and dangerous.”

“Dad, please. I’m sorry.” Daniel backed up.

“You have been surly and argumentative all day. I’m tired of it.” You have earned this spanking.” Jack doubled up the belt and grabbed Daniel and led him to the bed.

“Please don’t.”

“I don’t know what’s wrong with you lately, but this surly attitude stops now.” Jack pulled Daniel over his knee and spanked him. Daniel yelled, swore, and kicked but Jack kept spanking until he felt Daniel stop struggling and give into his sobs.

“I’m sorry.” Daniel sobbed.

Jack stopped the spanking but didn’t let Daniel up. He rubbed Daniel’s back. “You want to tell me what’s going on in the brilliant head of yours.”

Daniel sighed. “I don’t know.”

Jack could tell Daniel was ready to talk, so he let the boy up and hugged him close. “Think about it son. What’s bothering you?”

“I. My anthro professor?”


“He not only called me a liar, he talked crap about my mom and dad. He said horrible things and even suggested they died to get away from me.” Daniel sobbed out the last part as Jack held him close.

“Son, you know none of that is true.”

“I know that but it still hurt.”

“Okay. I think it’s time for you to drop this class. And before you object, we’ll find you a better course online. I’m also going to talk to this teacher and set him straight.”


“Really. I wish you had told me all this before now.”

“Would you have let me go to the study group?”

“No. You’re still grounded, but you could have avoided the spanking.”

“Yeah that part I could have done without.”

“Sometimes you just don’t use that smart brain of yours.” Jack chuckled as he let Daniel up and helped him get back to bed. “I love you Danny and I know your parents did too.”

“Thanks dad. I love you too.”

The End

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