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 Sevenís Kennel Alternative Universe
By Victory

Just a small snippet that I couldn't get out of my head.

Amanda stormed into the house. "Christopher!"

John heard her yelling and guessed she had seen her garden. Why she was hollering for Chris was confusing, since it wasnít their "bad-boy" who dug up the flowerbeds.

Amanda found Chris in her room just waking up. "Christopher! What did I tell you about those pups being in my garden?"

//Ut-oh// Chris groaned. Chris saw how angry Amanda was and backed away from her, a little fearful.

Amanda quickly grabbed Chrisí collar and brought him closer. "I also told you if they did it again, I was going to paddle you."

Chris tried to break free, but Amanda had a strong grip. She turned him and swatted him. John entered their room to find Amanda spanking Chris. Chris was whimpering and crying.

"Amanda! What are you doing?"

Amanda stopped swatting but held Chris secure. "The pups were in my flower garden again."

John reached over and took Chris away from his angry wife. Chris curled up in Johnís arms and sobbed. "Why are you punishing Chris?"

"Heís responsible for those pups."

"Vin and JD didnít mess up your garden."


"I caught Casey digging in the garden. I took her to Nettie, but before I did, I asked Josiah to have JD and Vin try to fix the mess."

"They were fixing it?" Amanda approached John and Chris. She tried to pet Chrisí head but he flinched.

"Yes. Nettie is dealing with Casey, but honey, you shouldnít punish Chris. He canít control those pups totally. Theyíre still young."

"Iím so sorry Chris." Amanda kept petting him.

John shifted Chrisí weight. "Boy you weigh a ton. Why donít we sit?" John settled Chris down on the bed. Chris snuggled close to John. "Hey Chris. I think Amanda is sorry. Why donít you go over and forgive her?"

Chris understood John, but he wasnít ready to forgive Amanda just yet, so he grabbed his blanket off the bed and headed for his pallet. Amanda could hear him crying softly. Amanda was about to go to him when Josiah entered the bedroom and went to comfort Chris. Chris let the older human gather him into his arms.

"Donít worry honey. Josiah will help him. Heíll be okay by bedtime."

"How can you be so sure John?"

"When have you ever known Chris not to sleep on the bed at night?"

"Iím so sorry." Amanda put her head in her hands.

"We all make mistakes. As long as Chris is on his pallet, we could use the bed." John wagged him eyebrows.

"How can you think like that after this?" Amanda smacked John's arm.

"What? Bad timing?"

The End

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