Raul's Victory
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Author's Note: You'll need to read the background information in Changing Of The Guard to understand this one. Also, this is a crossover with The Sentinel.

Last Part Added:           STORY COMPLETE!!!!!

 Seven’s Kennel Alternative Universe
Kennel Show
By Victory

Amanda and John were returning from the mainland, where Amanda had registered for the Four Corners Kennel Show. "He’s gonna fight you." John said as the boat approached the dock.

"I know. I’m thinking if I can corner him or sedate him, I’ll be able to get him into the cage."

"Did you pick up more than one form?"

"Yeah, I registered two humans. I didn’t think I could handle more than two with our bad boy going. I’ll need Nettie so it will leave you home." Amanda smiled.

"I have plenty to do." John shut off the engine and moored the boat. He helped Amanda up and out. "I’m gonna use the day you and our boy are gone to expand his kennel to accommodate Sarah."

"That’s good. They’ll need the space for any pups they have." As they both walked toward the compound, no one came out to meet them. "I wonder where everyone is?"

Suddenly, they heard Nettie and crying. A moment later, Nettie appeared with JD, Casey and Vin crying as she led them on leashes. They were all three covered from head to toe with dirt.

"Hey Nettie. What’s up?" John asked.

"Good! You’re home." Nettie detoured and handed over JD and Vin’s leads. "Could you please deal with these bothersome pups while I go fix the damage they did in the garden."

"How bad this time?" Amanda asked.

"It’ll take me hours and I’m not even sure I’ll be able to save everything."

"Where are the rest of the seven?" John asked as the group headed toward the kennels.

"I think Nate’s with Raine, Buck’s still working on Inez and Chris was just here with Sarah before I caught these three having a snack in the garden. Josiah and Ezra are in the house."

"Nettie, I’ve decided to register Chris in the Kennel Show in two days. If you’re up to it, I was thinking of registering one of the pups in the junior class."

"I’d like that. Which pup?" Nettie asked,

"I haven’t decided. It may depend on what’s left of these two when Chris gets his hands on the,." Amanda opened Vin and JD’s kennels, she added a firm swat to each of them and then shut the doors. "Stay." She commanded.

Vin and JD knew that command real well.

//We are so dead Vin// JD sniffled.

//Don’t sweat it JD. Chris will just yell//

//I don’t like when he yells// JD started crying again as he lay down.

Amanda and John left the kennels and headed toward the house. John and Amanda found Chris and Sarah snuggling in the den, where the seven slept when in the house.

"Christopher." Amanda smiled when both Chris and Sarah jumped. Sarah, who had come out of her shell, ran to Amanda and snuggled close. "Chris. Vin and JD got into the garden again. I want them properly punished. If they do it again, I will paddle them and you. Do you understand?" Amanda asked.

Chris nodded and growled.

"Good. They’re both in their kennels. Now get." Amanda shooed Chris and Sarah out the door


//What are you gonna do my love?// Sarah asked.

//I hate to spank them, but this is the third time they’ve done this. I’m sure Vin thinks I’ll just yell at them//

Sarah sighed. As they entered the kennels, Sarah headed to the kennel she was suppose to be in, but never was since meeting Chris. //I’ll see you later?//

//Sure, Sarah. I’ll come get you when I’m done// Chris walked toward JD and Vin’s kennel. When he got close enough he heard Vin talking about how Chris wouldn’t do anything but yell. He decided then that he would be a lot harder on them.


Vin and JD stood. //Yes Chris?// They said together.

//How many times have I told you to stay out of Amanda’s garden?// They shrugged. //More than I should have to so no more Mr. Nice guy. You are both grounded to your kennels for the rest of the week during the day and at night you will be escorted by one of us//

//Sorry Chris// Vin said.

//Not yet you’re not. On top of the grounding, I’m gonna spank you both. And if you get into the garden again, I’ll use a switch and you will both have to learn how to sleep on your stomachs. Am I clear?// Chris growled.

//Yes sir//They both said as they cried.

//Good// Chris opened Vin’s kennel and quickly took him over his knee. Afterwards, Chris held him close and said //I love you// Chris repeated this with JD. Then he left them both to think about the error of their ways.

//I’ll come get you both for supper// Chris headed to Sarah’s kennel and entered. Sarah was laying down on her pallet with silent tears streaming down her face. Chris immediately gathered her to him and comforted her. //Shh. What’s wrong?//

//Nothing really. I just remember my sire being firm and loving too. You’ll make a good sire too//

//I hope so. Have you thought about what I asked you?//

//Yes and I’d love to be your life-mate//

//I love you Sarah//

//I love you too Chris//


Blair wandered down a back alley looking for the show grounds. "Where do you think your going human?" sneered a nasty looking Tamaxian.

//I don’t want any trouble// Blair said even though they wouldn’t understand him. //I’m trying to get back to the show grounds//

"You hear that guys? We have us here a show human. Maybe he’s worth something?" Blair looked stunned at the Max who understood him. "Yeah human. I understand human."

"Leave him Juan. I doubt he’s worth anything. Look at him. He looks like he has the mange."

"True. I think he needs a lesson on how not to wander off without his keepers." Juan grabbed Blair.

//PUT HIM DOWN// The Tamaxians turned at the growl behind them.

What they saw was a large human who looked mean enough to eat any Tamaxian. However, he also looked dirty and underfed. "A street rat. Shoo! You mangy human." Bob said with bravado.

//Let. Him. Go. Now.//

"Or what?" Juan said.

//Or this// The ‘street rat’ lunged at the attackers. When the dust settled, the ‘street rat’ was the only one standing. He moved quickly to Blair’s side and immediately felt the tug of an unbonded guide. Blair opened his eyes when he felt an unbonded Sentinel.

//What’s your name?// Blair asked.

//Jim. You’re a guide human? Unbonded?//

//Yes. My name’s Blair. You’re a Sentinel? Unbonded?//

//Yes. I never wanted to before now// Jim inhaled deeply and Blair let him.

//Do you want to bond?// Blair asked.

Jim turned away for a moment. //I’m wild. Are you free also?//

//No. My max is at the show grounds helping his employer with the other guides. He speaks human and is my watcher//

//Oh// Jim started to stand.

//Wait! I want to bond, to you, but I can’t run free. I did for a while when I was a pup, but Simon is really good to me. Come with me and he can take care of you too. Aren’t you tired of being on your own?//

//I want to bond with you too and yes I’m tired of being alone, but I don’t know about going back. I wasn’t treated well at my last place// Jim said sadly.

//I guess you’ll have to trust me// Blair responded with a smile.

//I only just met you// Jim paused as he picked up Blair’s scent and heartbeat. The call to bond was getting too strong to ignore. //Okay, I’ll try//

//GREAT// Blair bounced. He put out his hand and gently touched Jim’s chest. Both Sentinel and Guide felt the surge and were transported into a jungle. There they saw a panther and wolf spirits jump into each other. Both knew it was destiny that brought them together. When they came out of the jungle, Jim inhaled. He noticed his senses were sharper and back under control.

//WOW// Jim said as he smiled at his guide.

//Yeah// Jim tilted his head and listened. //What?// Blair asked.

//You said Simon was your watcher?//

//Yes. He’s yours now too, why?//

//I hear someone calling your name. He sounds angry//

//Take a sniff. Does it smell like tobacco?//

After a moment, Jim nodded. //Yes//

//That’s Simon. I got turned around in the show grounds and got lost//

//He won’t hurt you will he?// Jim asked as they headed back to the show grounds.

//Nah. His employer is a little mean, but I think it’s just me he doesn’t like. They have been trying to get me to bond for yearns and I couldn’t. He calls me a defect. But Simon is all bark with no bite, most of the time//

//Let’s go meet my new watcher then// Jim and Blair headed back to the show grounds to find Simon and give him the news of their bonding.



"Yes Mr. Peterson?"

"Where is your human?"

"I’m not sure sir. I was about to go look for him."

"I’ve told you to keep that beast leashed. He’s always wandering off and getting lost."

"I promise I will Mr. Peterson. I’m sorry."

"Hurumph!" Peterson grumbled as he walked off.

"Blair, I swear when I find you…" Simon didn’t get to finish his sentence as he spotted Blair. He stalked to his human and grabbed his collar. "Blair…" Before he knew it, Simon had a dirty, growling human kicking and hitting him.

//Let go of my guide// Jim yelled.

"What!" Simon let Blair go and the beast stopped attacking.

//Simon// Blair said quickly. //This is Jim. We’ve bonded//

"What! Blair what in all that is holy have you been doing?"

//It wasn’t my fault. I got lost and Jim rescued me from a couple of max that wanted to hurt me//

Jim watched the interaction. As Blair took a breath to continue, Simon covered his mouth with his hand. "Blair stop, okay. So you got lost, attacked, rescued and bonded. What am I going to do with you my little trouble magnet?"

//Nothing// Jim growled.

"Okay, Sentinel. Let’s get something straight. If you’re bonded to Blair that makes you my responsibility now, so stop growling at me."

//Fine// Jim smiled. It gave Simon the chills.

"Come on pups. We need to get our Sentinel cleaned up. What’s your name boy?"


"Well, Jim. Let’s get you cleaned up before Peterson sees you."


"Dinner!" Amanda yelled into the den. The ‘Seven’ and their mates all went in to eat. Chris, being the Alpha, started first. As he ate his last bite he yawned. He didn’t notice Amanda watching him as he snuggled on his couch and yawned again. As he drifted off, he had a fleeting thought that he shouldn’t be tired.

"He out?" John asked Amanda.

Amanda went over and checked Chris. "Chris! Bathtime!" Chris never stirred.

"He’s out. He would never sleep through the announcement of a bath." John laughed.

"The travel kennel is in the closet, ready to go. I’ll get it and we can move him into it." Amanda returned with a cage on wheels, big enough for two humans. John picked Chris up and settled him onto the pallet inside the cage. Nettie entered with Ezra who just finished up his bath.

"Nettie? Why don’t you put Ezra in with Chris, since they’re both going to the Kennel Show tomorrow."

"Okay. //Ezra//" Nettie said.

//Yes ma’am//

//I want you to go lay down with Chris please// Nettie said in human.

Ezra looked and saw Chris sleeping in a cage. He looked to Josiah and said with tears in his eyes, //I want to sleep with Josiah//

Josiah gathered his pup into his arms and turned to Nettie. //What’s going on Nettie?//

"Chris and Ezra have been entered in the Kennel Show in Four Corners tomorrow. Since Chris doesn’t like the water, we sedated him for the trip. Amanda asked me to put Ezra in with him for the night."

//Nettie? If Ezra promises to go quietly tomorrow can he stay with me tonight?//

"Sure Josiah." Nettie smiled as she ruffled Ezra’s hair.

//Chris won’t appreciate that you tricked him// Josiah added.

"He’ll get over it." Nettie laughed as she, Amanda and John all headed out of the den once Chris’ cage was secure. As the others settled in, Vin asked, //Why is Chris asleep Josiah?//

//They gave him a sleeping powder, probably in his food. You’d think he would take the time to sniff it. Impertinent pup//

Vin looked at Josiah funny //What?//

//Never mind// Josiah said.

//Josiah? Why do I have to go?// Ezra whined.

//Son, it’s a great compliment that Amanda is taking you. I want you on your best behavior, okay?//

//Always Josiah//

//That’s my pup// Ezra snuggled down with Josiah and quickly fell asleep. Sarah settled down as close to Chris as she could get with a cage between them.


Peterson entered the ‘Guide Barn’ looking for Simon. As he turned to look elsewhere, he noticed Blair bounce out of the grooming shack. He knew Blair didn’t understand Tamaxian but he did know basic commands. "Blair! Come!"

Blair turned toward Peterson and bounced over.

"Where have you been beast?" Peterson stormed as he grabbed Blair’s collar and shook. Blair whimpered and yelled for Simon. "Where’s Simon?" He looked around and yelled, "Banks!"

Simon came out when he heard his name called. Before he could answer though, Jim struggled to get by. //He’s hurting Blair//

Simon quickly added a leash to Jim’s new collar and then was dragged out the door toward Blair. Jim was growling. "Jim! Stop! Now!" Simon yanked back on the leash and brought Jim up short.

//Let me go// Jim howled.

"No! Now stop it or I’ll swat you."

Jim looked back at Simon trying to decide whether he would really do it. Before he could decide, Blair yelled to him. //Jim, relax. Simon won’t let Peterson hurt me, but he will swat you for dragging him. It really bugs him// Blair laughed.

Peterson released Blair, who ran to clam down Jim.

"Simon! Where did you find Blair? And what’s this?" Peterson pointed to Jim.

“Mr. Peterson. This is Jim. It seems Blair…”

 “I don’t care! I’m tired of Blair wandering off and forcing everyone to stop everything just to look for him. Nothing gets done and enough id enough. You’re fired!”

 “What? Mr. Peterson let me explain.”

 “No more explanations. Come get your pay and get out of my barn. Make sure you take that defective guide with you.”

 “Fine.” Simon turned to Blair and attached a leash to his collar. He took both leashes and attached them to a pole. “Stay here both of you. I’ll be right back and try to stay out of trouble.” Simon stormed off after Peterson.

 //What just happened?// Jim asked.

 //We just lost our home.// Blair said softly.


 //Peterson owns a guide kennel. We always stayed on the premises. Now we’ll have to find another place.// Blair sat down just as Jim’s head tilted. //What?//


 Chris woke, as the cage was unloaded from the boat. He saw Ezra standing near the cage on a leash as he tried to clear his head.

 //Hey Chris! Guess what?//

 Chris groaned which brought Nettie closer to the cage. “Look who’s awake?"

 //Where are we Nettie?//

 “Four Corners.”

 //WHAT!// Chris stood up too fast and fell back down when he got dizzy.

 “Amanda entered you and Ezra in the Kennel Show.”

 Chris groaned again and buried his head in his blanket. Amanda approached and laughed. Chris growled at her. “I certainly hope that wasn’t a growl I just heard.”

 Chris peeked out of his blanket to gage whether she was serious or not. She looked serious. //Sorry.//

 “What did he say Nettie?”

 “He said he was sorry. He’s definitely not a morning person.” Nettie joked.

 Amanda and Nettie led Ezra and Chris toward the stall they were assigned for the day. Once there, Chris asked to be released.

 “Only on a leash. It’s the rules.” Nettie answered.

 //Fine. I just hate this cage.//

 “If you weren’t so afraid of the water, you could have traveled on the leash like Ezra.” Nettie pointed out.

 //Noticed you didn’t bring JD.// Chris sneered.

 “Do you want to stay in that cage Christopher?” Amanda scolded. She only heard the small growl in his voice.

 Chris shook his head no. “Good. Behave. With Nettie talking you through the course today, you should win first prize.”  Amanda opened the door to Chris’ cage and quickly attached a leash. “Why don’t we go check in and give Chris a chance to stretch his legs. Then he can have a quick bath.”

 Chris groaned again, but Nettie and Amanda ignored it.

 “Good idea. We can walk over to the course and take a look ahead of time.”

 “Let’s go boys.” Amanda, Nettie, Chris and Ezra heading into the show grounds.


 “Chris? Tell Ezra to quit pulling please.” Nettie asked as she tugged on Ezra’s leash for the fifth time.

 //Cool it Ezra. You’re bugging Nettie.//

 //Sorry Chris. I’m just excited about being off the island.//

 //Well tone it down before Nettie takes us back to that dumb cage.//

 //Okay// Ezra slowed down and stopped pulling. Nettie sighed and thanked both of them.

 “Nettie? Look! A Guide Kennel.” Amanda said with excitement. “I would love to buy a pair but they’re so rare that the price would break our budget.” Amanda noticed two humans leashed to a pole. So did Chris and growled.

 “Christopher! I swear if you don’t stop growling I’m taking you back to the kennel stall and you’ll show with a red backside. Understood?” Amanda scolded.

 Chris nodded and lowered his head, which got Blair’s attention. //Hey Jim? He understood that Max. You think he’s a Sentinel too?//

 Jim shook his head. //No, Chief, I can sense other Sentinels and he’s not one.//

 //Who are you looking at Sentinel?// Chris growled at Jim. Amanda swatted his thigh.

 //Ha! Cowed by a Tamaxian human?// Jim sneered back.

 “Stop it Jim. That’s quite enough.” Simon scolded as he approached. He turned toward Amanda. “I’m sorry about that. He’s quite wild right now.”

 “Really? Chris called him Sentinel. Is that true?” Nettie asked.

 “You have the gift?” Simon asked in awe.

 “Some would disagree.” She said sadly.

“Sir? Is this your human? Is he a Sentinel?” Amanda asked.

“Yes to both questions. Jim is a Sentinel and Blair is his guide.”

“That makes you…”

“A watcher, yes. Hard to keep a job once that gets out, but so be it. I wouldn’t change a thing.”

“Are you employed here at Petersons?” Nettie asked.

“As of twenty minutes ago, no. I was fired because Blair wandered off again and then came back bonded to Jim.”

“Are you looking for another job?” Amanda asked hopefully.

“Are you offering? Because I really could use another job now that I have Jim here to feed also.”

“Then I have a proposition for you.”

“Lead the way, we’re done here.” Simon gathered Jim and Blair’s leashes and followed Amanda back to their space in the kennel. When they arrived, Amanda put Chris back in his cage.

//Thanks a lot// Chris grumbled.

“Christopher, I suggest you quit your growling. When I’m done here you’re getting a bath.” Amanda scolded.


“Okay.” Amanda smiled at Nettie. “I’m starting to understand basic human.” She turned back toward Simon and said, “Let’s discuss this job.”


//So Jim, what’s a Sentinel?// Ezra asked.

//A human with enhanced senses. Some only have two or three senses enhanced but Jim has all five. Peterson was a fool. He never knew what he had with us now bonded.// Blair answered with excitement.

//Wow// Ezra said in awe.

//EZRA! Get over here and stay// Chris ordered sternly.

//Why?// Ezra whined.

//I may not be able to spank you now, but I won’t be in this cage forever. Now come here.//

Ezra slowly approached Chris and sat and sulked.

//Why don’t you leave the pup alone? He was just being curious.//  Jim growled.

//Mind your own business Sentinel. I’m the Alpha around here and what I say goes.//

//I have no objection to you remaining Alpha. If Simon decides to take the job your Max is offering then we’ll have to get along. I have no quarrel with anyone unless they mess with my guide.//

//Good// Uncomfortable silence followed. Chris looked at Ezra who had lost his excited bounce and sighed. //Look, I’m sorry I snapped. I can be pretty territorial most of the time. Ez?// Ezra looked up at Chris. //You can go talk to Jim and Blair but don’t be a bother.//

Ezra bounced up with a smile. //Thanks Chris//

//And no bouncing Ez// Ezra stopped and smiled shyly at Chris they headed over to ask more questions.

“Nettie? Let’s get Chris bathed.” Amanda directed.

“Okay.” Nettie unlocked Chris’ cage and added a leash to his collar.

//I don’t need a bath Nettie// Chris whined.

“Amanda wants you clean for the competition so please don’t argue.” Chris just growled but Nettie ignored him as she led him toward the grooming kennel.

//I take it he doesn’t like baths// Blair asked.

//He hates all water. It’s a good thing we live on an island//

//Island?// Jim asked.

//Yes sir. It’s beautiful and quite a way out off the coast//

//Blair? Have I told you I don’t like open water?//

//Really? Simon will probably take the job Jim. Are you going to have a problem?//

//I don’t know//

//Nettie gives Chris something to sleep on the boat. Maybe Jim would want some.// Ezra offered.

//Maybe// Blair turned to Jim. //Would that help? I’m sure Simon would do it.//

//We’ll see Chief// Jim settled down and closed his eyes.

Ezra bombarded Jim and Blair with more questions until Amanda returned to take them both to their events. She also announced that Simon had accepted his offer and they would be moving out to the island.


Chris aced his event with the quickest time through the obstacle course. Amanda and Nettie praised him greatly, which made the whole travel and bath more bearable.

Ezra took second place in the overall show category for the pups. Amanda knew Ezra could win first place next year with some work. Ezra however, was devastated that he hadn’t won first place. Chris held Ezra close as he sobbed out his disappointment. //Shh, Ez. It’s okay. Second place is very good for your first show//

//No it’s not// Ezra cried harder.

//Okay. Okay. Just try to clam down. I’m proud of you pup. None of the others ever won anything at their first show.//

Ezra looked at Chris and tried to calm down. //Really?// He hiccupped. //You’re proud of me?//

//Of course I am// Chris smiled.


//Why? Because no matter what place you got, I still love you and would be proud of you. End of discussion.//

//Thanks Chris.// Ezra wiped his eyes. //You think Josiah will be proud too?//

//Ezra, you know Josiah is always proud of you. You’re his pup and he will jump for joy at what place you took.//


//Yeah// Chris kissed Ezra’s head and hugged him close again. //I love you pup.//

//Love you too Chris and thanks//

//Anytime// Chris smiled at Ezra. //Now, let’s go find Amanda and Nettie// Chris took Ezra’s hand and moved toward the barn door.

“Chris! Where are you two going?” Nettie said as she walked up behind them.

//We were looking for you and Amanda//

“Amanda sent me in to get you both. Is Ezra feeling better?” Nettie asked as she ruffled his hair.

Ezra tried to growl but it came out as a squeak. Chris smiled. //He hates anyone messing with his hair Nettie//

“I noticed. Think he needs to work on his growl though. Come on, let’s go. We need to head home soon.”

Chris groaned. He hated the water. Nettie just laughed at him as she attached their leashes.


After a quick bite to eat for everyone but Chris, since he gets seasick, Nettie and Amanda met Simon, Jim and Blair at the boat launch.


“Yeah Blair?”

//Jim doesn’t like the open water//

“Great.” Nettie exclaimed. “Another one.”

“Another one what?” Amanda asked.

“Jim doesn’t like open water.”

“Is he going to be a problem Simon?” Amanda asked.

“I don’t know, but Blair should be able to keep him calm.”

“Okay. Just let me know. I have a second cage on the boat if you need it.”

“Why two?”

“I never know when I’ll need one. Chris is already in his.” Amanda explained as she loaded her gear.

Nettie approached and asked, “Do you want Chris sedated?”

Amanda looked at Chris and watched him pace back and forth within his cage. “Christopher?” Chris stopped and looked at Amanda. “Do you want to sleep or pace all the way home?” Chris growled. “Better sedate him Nettie. It will be less stressful on all of us.” Amanda patted Chris’ head.

“Okay. Chris, turn around please.” Nettie approached Chris with the pressure hypo.

//No please Nettie. I’ll be okay// Chris whined.

“Come on Chris. This will help you relax and when you wake up, we’ll be home.”


“Turn around and lie down. Now.”

 Chris reluctantly did as ordered. It took minutes for him to drift off.

 “He always so difficult?” Simon asked.

 “Nah. Just doesn’t like water.” Amanda said.

 “I hope Jim does okay.” Simon said.

 “I have some Senset if you’d like. That’s what I use on Chris because it has less side effects.”

 “I think I’ll take you up on the offer. That way I won’t need to watch for trouble.”

“Nettie? Will you prepare another hypo for Jim please.” Amanda asked.

“Sure.” Nettie quickly had a second shot ready so Simon could administer it to Jim before the Sentinel knew what hit him.

 //Simon? What…?// Jim slumped into Simon’s arms.

 “Ooffph! He weights a ton.” Simon settled Jim on a sleeping pallet near Blair. “Watch over him Blair.”

 //Always Simon// Blair snuggled down next to Jim and joined him in sleep.

 “Let’s get going. Do we have everything?” Amanda asked.

 “All set.” Nettie answered.

 “Good. Let’s go home.” Amanda powered up the boat and started toward home.


The first thing Chris was aware of was the soft bed he was on. He cracked one eye open and recognized the master bedroom. He sighed contently and went back to sleep. The next time he woke it was because he heard voices out in the den. He decided he didn’t care and crawled deeper into the blankets and went back to sleep. The last thing he heard was Blair talking.

 //Why is Chris locked in that room?// Blair asked.

 //He doesn’t mind being locked in// Josiah said as he ushered everyone outside. //He’s sleeping in his favorite spot. Amanda’s bed//

 //The master’s bed? She lets him sleep on the bed? Inside?//

 //Most of us sleep inside Blair and the way Amanda and Nettie have been fussing over you and Jim, I wouldn’t be surprised if she let you inside the house too//


 Josiah smiled. //Certainly pup//

 //I am NOT a pup// Blair said with disgust.

 Ezra laughed. //Everyone’s a pup to Josiah//

 //You, my young pup, better watch yourself before I turn you over my knee// Josiah jokingly grabbed Ezra and tickled him as they all exited the house. //Tell me about the show pup//

 //I got second place Josiah// Ezra exclaimed.

 The group entered the kennels and Blair went to the space he and Jim would be sharing. Jim was still asleep on a pallet as Blair entered and snuggled down next to him.

 Nettie entered with Simon. “The cottage should be ready by tomorrow afternoon. If you want, your sentinel and guide can sleep in the guest room with you. I just need to keep them away from Chris until tomorrow. He’s not very tolerant of big changes to his territory.”

 “Thanks Nettie. I’m sure we will fit right in. Amanda spoke about breeding?” Simon asked.

 “She’s not going to focus on breeding right away. She wants you all to get settled in and was hoping to train you all in security.”

 “Great! I was in law enforcement and I trained Blair in self defense.”

 “Nettie?” Amanda asked as she entered. “Simon, the guest room is set up. Do you want Jim moved now or when he wakes up?”

 “Probably should wait for him to wake up so I can explain about Chris.”

 “Chris will be fine. Besides the last time I checked, he was buried under the blankets on my bed. I also locked the door so he’s not going anywhere tonight.”

 “If you’re sure, then I’ll move them both and stay with them until Jim wakes.”

 “Good. Let me show you to the guest room.”

 Simon gathered Jim into his arms and smiled at Blair. “Follow me Blair and try not to get lost.”

 //How can I get lost on an island?//

 “I’m sure you’d find a way.” Simon laughed.

 Amanda got Simon settled with Jim and Blair and then went to check on Chris.


John entered his bedroom and smiled at the lump in the middle of the large bed. He was about to move Chris to his own sleeping pallet when Amanda entered.

 “He sweetheart. How’s Chris?” Amanda whispered.

 “Snug as a bug in a rug. Why is he in our bed instead of his own?” John mused.

 "Stop. You know he wakes better from the Senset if he’s in our bed. Familiar territory and all that clap trap. Besides since when do you care about Chris in our bed?”

 “Well…” John took Amanda into his arms and kissed her hard. “I was hoping to use the bed.” John wagged his eyebrows.

 “Well…” Amanda turned to the bed. “We could move him to his pallet, but he can’t leave this room because of Jim and Blair in his territory.”

 “I’ll move him.”

 “Really? You don’t usually like him watching.”

 “He’s asleep. Besides, I brought a privacy screen up from storage.” John uncovered Chris and gently picked him up. Chris stirred and opened his eyes. John settled Chris onto his pallet and quickly covered him up. Chris didn’t like the change and groaned as he moved to get up. “Stay!” John commanded. Chris stopped and whimpered. “Sh, Chris. Go back to sleep.” Amanda soothed as she petted his head. Chris leaned into the touch and closed his eyes. “Good pup.”

 John added the screen around Chris’ pallet and took Amanda into his arms. Chris settled deeper into sleep, unaware of his Max’ reconnecting.


“So Simon? How old are Jim and Blair?”

 “Blair is 20 yearn old and I don’t know much about Jim yet. Just that he’s been wild for quite sometime. I checked for a brand or tag and he had none. Jim told me he had been on his own for at least 5 yearn.”

 “Wow! Human’s don’t usually avoid being picked up for more than a few weeks.” Nettie said.

 “He’s a Sentinel so he would have had no problem avoiding the human control Tamaxians.”

 “We need to get him registered though.” Amanda added.

 “I shouldn’t have too much trouble tracking down the information. Blair can help too.”

 “Good. Chris should be back to his regular grumpy self by morning, so I suggested we all get some sleep. The rest of the seven are settled in already and so are Jim and Blair, right?”

 “Yes Amanda, they should be asleep already.” Simon answered.

 “Then I’m headed to bed and will see you tomorrow. Good night Simon.”

 “Good night Amanda and thanks for the job.”

 “No Simon, thank you. It’s a pleasure to have a watcher and a pair here at the Double L.”

 “I hope we can live up to your expectations.”

 “No worries Simon. Night.” Amanda headed up to her room as Simon returned to the guest room.


The next morning, Amanda and John woke to find Chris curled up at the foot of their bed under his own blanket. “Why do we have a pallet for him when he just sleeps with us?” John asked.

 “It came in handy last night.” Amanda replied with a wink.

 John stretched and pounced on his wife. The giggling and wrestling woke Chris who just grumbled and covered his head.

 Amanda smiled at her human and patted his blanket, covered rump. “Rise and shine Christopher. We have a big day ahead.”

 Chris groaned and peeked out of the blankets. //Better not involve a bath//

 Amanda laughed at the mild growl. “I wish I understood more human.” Amanda got up and dressed. John showered and headed out to check the kennel. As Amanda exited the room she blocked Chris’ escape. “Stay!” Chris tilted his head. He couldn’t understand why he couldn’t leave. “Let me get your leash first Chris.”

 //Leash// Chris wracked his brain to remember what he had done wrong. Amanda must have picked up on his confusion so she added, “You’re not in trouble. I just want to control your meeting with Jim.”

 //The Sentinel?// Chris had forgotten.

 “Once I’m sure you both understand the other’s role and territory, then you will be off leash restriction. Okay?” Chris nodded. “Good pup.” She leaned over and kissed his head, then went to get his leash. Once tethered they both entered the den.


Simon woke to not one but two humans snuggled in his bed. Simon had expected Blair, but Jim had surprised him. He reached out and gently petted both heads to wake them.

 Jim woke first. Once he noticed he was snuggled next to Blair and Simon, he started to panic.

“It’s okay Jim.”

//Human’s don’t sleep on beds. I’m really sorry Simon. I won’t do it again//

“Jim.” Simon saw Jim flinch. “I’m not angry. Blair has always slept on the bed. As long as you’re clean, you can also. Okay?”


“Jim, you belong to me now and I’m giving you permission to sleep on the bed. Besides, your guide needs you close and you need him, so relax.”

 //Okay Simon. Thanks//

“Now that, that is settled, let’s get sleeping beauty up.” Simon gently rubbed Blair’s head, but Jim decided a quicker method was needed. He pounced and tickled his guide.

//Rise and shine Chief. I’m hungry//


//Yeah Simon//

“How long have you been homeless?”

//Over 5 yearn. I…left// Jim couldn’t voice what he wanted to say.

“Don’t worry. If you could give me your last owner’s name, I can get you registered as a full Sentinel.”

//The last place I was at, was the Stewart James Kennels. He said I was defective, so he sent one of his trainers out to shoot me. The Max felt bad and set me loose. James thinks I’m dead//

“Thanks Jim. I’ll take care of you now. No more abuse, I promise.”

//Thanks Simon// Jim said.

//Could you two keep it to a dull roar please// Blair grumbled.

//Time to greet the sun Chief// Jim and Simon laughed at Blair’s return groan.


Amanda and John quietly tracked down the trainer who ‘shot’ Jim and were able to get his paperwork. A quick slight of hand left ‘Jim the human’ dead and revived ‘Jim the Sentinel’. Amanda also set down the ground rules for Jim and Chris. Chris had no problem with Jim coming in as his beta, but Jim also made it clear, that he would defend Blair against all comers, including Chris. Chris agreed.

The seven gave Jim and Blair the grand tour, while Simon learned the security systems. He even made several suggestions on how to protect the seven and better.

//You settled in// Chris growled.

//Yes. Do you ever say anything without it coming out as a growl// Jim asked.

Chris smiled. //Nope, problem with that?//

//Nope. I’m good and thanks Chris//

//What for//

//Accepting Blair and I into your pack. It’s been a long time since I was needed//

//Hurumph// Chris growled. //It leaves me more time with Sarah with you keeping your senses on the outline territories//

//Sarah huh? Any other females available?//

//Not currently, but I did hear Nettie talking about studding you and Blair//

//No mates//

//You never know, but it never hurts to keep in practice// Chris wagged his eyebrows.

//You’re bad//

//That’s me, ‘The Bad Boy’//

Amanda and John smiled as they watched Chris and Jim wander off apparently having a good conversation. “They’re going to make a great team.” John said.

“Yeah. It must have been fate that we wandered into that Guide barn at the show.”

“Things will turn around now that the Kennel is safer and as long as Stewart James doesn’t find out the truth about Jim and fight back.”

“Even if he does, Jim is part of this pack now and we’ll fight to keep it that way.”


The End


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