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Vow Of Silence AU
Murder 101: Revisited
By Victory

Warnings: Corporal Punishment.          STORY COMPLETE!!!!

Please Note: This story will make no sense unless you read Territorial Imperative first.

Key: //Guide Speak// *Guide Sign*

Sentinel James Ellison was wrapping up the final report on the case he just completed, when his phone rang. "Ellison." Jim barked.

"Mr. Ellison, this is Principal Johnson at Cascade Guide Academy."

"What can I do for you Ms. Johnson?"

"I need you to come down and pick up Blair."

"Is he okay? What happened?" Jim was shutting down his computer as he spoke.

"Blair’s okay but I’d rather discuss the problem face to face."

"Fine. I’ll be there in about 25 minutes."

"Thank you. I’ll talk to you then. Good-bye."

"Good-bye." Jim put on his coat and headed to Simon’s office. He knocked and entered at the Captain’s bellow. "Simon. The school just called and I need to go get Blair."

"What’s going on?" Simon asked with concern.

"I don’t know yet. Ms. Johnson didn’t want to discuss it over the phone."

"Okay. Let me know what’s going on and if you need me for anything."

"Will do sir. Do you need me to come back today?"

"No. Take care of Blair and I’ll see you tomorrow."

"I’ll call you later." Jim left and headed to the school. When he entered Cascade’s Guide Academy, he headed for the principal’s office. He passed several groups of kids that were using Guide sign to communicate.

Jim entered the office and zeroed in on his guide’s heartbeat. It was a little fast, like he was nervous. Jim approached the secretary. "I’m Sentinel Ellison. Ms. Johnson called about my guide, Blair."

"Yes Sentinel. You can go right in, she’s expecting you."

"Thank you." Jim knocked and entered at the call to come in. He noticed Blair wasn’t in the room, but he was close. Ms. Johnson came around her desk and smiled as she offered her hand. Jim shook it.

"Sentinel Ellison. I’m glad you could make it."

"You said there was a problem."

"Yes. Please have a seat." She returned to he desk as Jim sat down. She buzzed the secretary. "Jane? Could you get Blair and bring him here please."

"Yes ma’am."

"Sentinel Ellison, Blair was in a fight today."


"This is the third altercation this week. As I wrote in my previous notes this week, I’m going to have to suspend Blair for the rest of the week."

"Wait a minute. Back-up for a second please. What other fights and what notes?"

Principal Johnson paused. "I sent home a note yesterday and on Monday about the fights. Both notes came back signed." Ms. Johnson handed the signed notes to Jim.

As Jim read the notes, Jane came in with Blair. Jim looked at his son and guide, but Blair had his head lowered so he couldn’t see the slow anger simmering in his father’s eyes.

//Look at me young man// Jim projected.

Blair’s head snapped up. Jim was on his feet immediately when he saw Blair’s split lip and black eye. He lifted Blair’s chin and examined every mark. "Are you okay?" He asked softly.

//Yeah// Blair’s eyes glistened with unshed tears.

"Good, because you have a lot of explaining to do." Jim led Blair to a chair and pointed. Blair was smart enough to obey.

"Blair? I was telling your father about the fights and the notes I sent home." Blair looked up at the principal and then at Jim.

"I seem to have missed something Blair." Jim started. "I didn’t see or sign any notes this week but here are two with a fairly good forgery on them. Can you explain this?" Blair knew that quiet calm tone meant Jim was furious. He knew sooner or later his attempt to keep this whole affair from Jim would eventually be found out and then he would be dead. "I’m waiting young man! Did you sign these notes?"

//Yes sir//

"In sign Blair. Principal Johnson wants the answers too."

*Yes I signed the notes* Blair signed.

"Why?" Jim and the principal asked at the same time.

*I didn’t want to bother you*

"What bothers me Blair, is that, according to these notes, you could be suspended for fighting; and you have been."

*What? Why*

"Why? Blair why were you fighting? This isn’t like you."

*I tried not to fight dad, but I didn’t have any choice*


*I got angry*

"Angry? How many times have we talked about controlling your anger?"

Blair just shrugged. Jim turned to Ms. Johnson and asked, "What did the other boy say?"

"Blair and Brad Ventriss have been throwing barbs at each other for weeks now. It didn’t appear to be a problem until this week. Neither of them will tell me what it’s all about. Brad says Blair has been provoking him all semester."

*I have not*

Jim turned back to Blair. "Well? What was it about?"


"Nothing? Have you seen your face son?"

*You obviously believe them not me.* Blair pouted.

"I want to know what’s going on son, NOW!"

//Daaad! It’s personal// Blair glanced at Ms. Johnson.

//Fine but we will be finishing this discussion at home.// "Ms. Johnson. I’d like to take Blair home to get the rest of the story. I assure you he will tell you on Monday, along with an apology."

"Very well."

Jim turned to Blair. "Go get your coat and backpack son and come right back."

//Yes sir// Blair quickly made his escape.

Jim stood up and shook the principal’s hand. "In the future, could someone call when notes are sent home? I assure you, Blair will think twice before he signs my name again, but a call will cover all the bases."

"Certainly. Thank you Sentinel Ellison."

"We’ll be back Monday morning with all the details. Thank you."

"I’ll expect you then. Have a good week and weekend."

Jim left the office and used his hearing to locate his wayward guide. The too fast heartbeat was coming towards him. Jim noticed Blair stop quickly to ‘chat’ with a couple of friends.

//Now Blair// Jim gently projected.

//Coming// Blair signed his good-byes and joined Jim at the front door. //Sorry//

//Let’s go// Jim lead a very silent boy home.


Both Sentinel and Guide were quiet on the drive home. Jim was still angry about the fighting but was also puzzled by Blair’s behavior. Blair didn’t usually start fights and the forgery was a complete surprise. Blair, on the other hand, was too nervous to notice Jim’s confusion and anger. He was trying to think of how he was going to explain what happened without breaking a promise. It was a long drive home.


Jim and Blair entered the loft in complete silence. Blair hung up his coat and tried to retreat to his room.

"Not so fast young man."

Blair stopped mid-stride. //I was just going to put my backpack away//

"That can wait. We need to talk. Please come sit down." Jim led Blair into the living room. After then both sat, Jim asked, "So? What’s so personal that you would resort to forgery, fighting, and lying?"

//I didn’t lie// Blair projected loudly.

"You told me all week that school has been fine. No problems. Was that the truth?"


"Omitting the fact that Principal Johnson sent home notes and then signing them, was also lying."

//I didn’t think about it like that//

"I just want to know why?"

//It’s complicated//

"Then uncomplicated it." Jim was beginning to loose his patience and Blair noticed.

//I made a promise to a friend, but I don’t know where to start or if I should//

"Blair. I promise you I will help you keep that promise, but you need to tell me what is going on. Just start at the beginning."

//It started last week. Well actually it started at the beginning of the semester//


//Yeah, Brad and I have never gotten along. Most of the time I can avoid him, but other times I couldn’t. He would push me around and make fun of my signing skills. He’s just a bully. I don’t even think he’s a real guide. His daddy is rich and can get his son anything he wants//

"So you’re jealous?"

*No* Blair sighed. //I didn’t really care much about the spoilt brat until last Monday//

"What happened on Monday?"

//Rick was acting weird and I saw him let Brad look at his test in history class//

"Where you sure?"

//Not completely, so I watched. By Friday I knew for sure that Brad was cheating//

"So you started fighting?" Jim was still confused.

*No* //Well not intentionally. I asked Rick what was going on and he told me nothing. After I told him I saw what was going on, he told me that he had made a deal with Brad to get him to leave his girlfriend Jill alone. He said Brad forced himself upon Jill//

"Did she report the assault?"

*Yes* //But then she changed her story and said she couldn’t be sure what had happened. Apparently, Brad got her father fired// Jim raised his eyebrow in confusion. //Nadine is Brad’s girlfriend. Her dad runs the company that Jill’s dad works for. Rick said right after Jill made her report, her dad was fired. Then a mysterious note shows up saying her father had a better chance of getting his job back if the charges were dropped. Jill did and they were//

"So why was Brad fighting with you?"

// I started asking questions. I also reported the cheating to our history teacher but Mr. James said he would take care of it and he hasn’t//

"If that’s the case, why didn’t you tell Mr. Johnson or me for that matter. I would have believed you."

//I don’t know. I guess I figured since Mr. James didn’t do anything about Brad that Ms. Johnson wouldn’t either. I didn’t tell you because I thought I could handle it. It bugs me that Brad just runs to daddy and he gets his own way, so I didn’t want to run to my dad either. Brad’s money makes him seem untouchable and it bothers me. I’m the one who was suspended and he’s the one who started all three fights//

Jim smiled at how passionate his guide could get when there has been an injustice. He pulled Blair to his side and gave him a side hug. "Son, I wish you had told me about all these troubles. I could have helped prevent some of the pain." Jim absently stroked Blair’s bruised cheek.

Blair smiled. //I’m okay dad. It just makes me mad when Brad can get away with something like assault and his daddy’s money gets him off//

"He won’t get away with it chief. Since you’re suspended you and I can look into it."

*Really?* //That would be great// Blair bounced up off the couch.

"Wait a minute Chief." Jim grabbed Blair’s wrist before he could get completely away.


"There’s still the matter of your forgery and lying."

//Aww. Can’t we just over look it just this once?//

"Once? Blair you signed my name to notes that I needed to see. You were fighting and hid it from me."


"Blair, sit." Blair moaned and sat down with a pout. "Since the school suspended you for the next couple of days, you will stay with me. You are grounded for the next eleven days."


"For fighting. For the forgery, you’ll spend 30 minutes writing every night for those 11 days."


"No. We’ll get a notebook and you can write down all the ways you could have handled this whole situation differently. Then we will discuss what you’ve learned."

Blair nodded as he wiped at a stray tear on his cheek. //Can I go do my homework now?//

"We still haven’t dealt with the lying. You know how I feel about lying and what the consequences are for it." Jim pointed toward the stairs.


"I won’t tell you again. Go get the paddle."

*NO! Please dad*

Jim sighed as he stood up and took Blair by the arm and led him toward his bedroom. "Stay here." Jim left the small room and went up to his loft bedroom to retrieve the paddle. When he returned to Blair’s room, he found Blair sobbing into his pillow. "Come here Blair."

//Please, I’m sorry//

"Let’s get this over with Blair." Jim sat down in a chair and led Blair over his lap. He lowered Blair’s jeans and boxers and Blair began to struggle. //NO! Please not bare// Jim gave Blair a quick swat and said, "Stop struggling Blair."

//Please// Blair sobbed.

Jim picked up the paddle and, ignoring the pleas being projected his way, gave Blair a thorough spanking. Just when Blair figured Jim wasn’t ever going to stop, he did. He set the paddle down and rubbed Blair’s back. "Shh. It’s over with now." Jim helped Blair with his boxers and jeans and then resettled Blair in his lap and continued to comfort his guide until the sobs died down.

//I’m sorry dad// Blair hiccupped.

"I know you are Blair. I wish you had asked for help though, before it got this far, but we’ll fix it. I love you very much son and I don’t like to see you get hurt when I can help it."

//Love you too dad//

Jim held Blair close until he was almost asleep. Jim repositioned his dozing son on the bed and covered him up. "Rest and I’ll call you for dinner."


Jim smiled as he took the paddle and left Blair to rest.


Dinner was eaten with minimal conversation.  Afterwards, Blair helped wash the dishes and clean up. When he tried to retreat to his room, Jim stopped him.  “Son? Here’s a notebook so you can sit right here at the table and think about how you could have dealt with this situation differently.  Then write them down. I expect at least three before bedtime.” Jim set the notebook and a pen down on the kitchen table and pointed.


 “Now Blair. You have two hours before bedtime so if you want any free time before bed, I suggest you get to work.”

 //Fine// Blair threw the dishtowel in a tantrum fit.

 Jim intercepted him and quickly added three firm swats to Blair’s already sore backside. “You better adjust the attitude young man before I haul your butt upstairs and adjust it for you. Do you understand me?”

 //Yes sir. I’m sorry// Blair rubbed his sore backside as he sat down. //Three things?//

 “Yes son. Then we’ll talk about them if you want.” Jim ruffled Blair’s hair then left him to work.

 Blair sat and stared at the notebook for what seemed like forever. He really thought this was a stupid punishment.  Sighing for the hundredth time, Blair wrote:

             What I should have done differently:

1.  Told dad from the beginning

2.  Not get caught

3.  Get someone to kill Brad

 Blair chuckled at the last one.

 “What’s so funny?”

 //Nothing dad//

 “Are you done?” Jim came over and stood over Blair’s shoulder. He read all of Blair’s ‘solutions’ before the boy could cover them up. “You’re suppose to be taking this seriously Blair.”

 //It’s stupid though//

 “Young man, I didn’t ask your opinion. Number one is okay, but the other two are inappropriate. Since you don’t think I’m serious you can take a thirty minute break and go stand in the corner.” Jim pointed toward a corner in the living room.

 //I’m sorry. I’ll take it seriously, now. Please//

 “Now Blair. Then you will finish tonight’s list and then go to bed.”

 //Please dad//

 “If I ask again, I’ll be getting the paddle.” Jim stood with one hand on his hip as he continued to point with the other one.  Blair didn’t want another paddling in the same day, so he stood and moved toward the corner. He wiped at his watering eyes and sniffed. “Thank you.” Jim said as he set the kitchen timer for thirty minutes.

 The rest of the evening went better. Blair hated the corner and once released he quickly finished the list then hit the shower.  Blair came out in fresh pajamas, with a towel over his head and  Jim smiled. “Come here Blair.”

 Blair looked up  to judge Jim’s mood and relaxed when he saw Jim smile. He went into the living room and sat on the floor between Jim’s knees. Jim took the towel and started to dry Blair’s hair. “Feel better?”

 //Yes sir//

 “Good.” Jim rubbed the towel around and then began brushing the curly hair.



 //I’m sorry//

 Jim stopped brushing for a second then smiled. “You’re forgiven son.” Jim hugged Blair then resumed the brushing.

 //Dad? What are we gonna do tomorrow?//

 “We have to go down to the station. I’m in the middle of a murder investigation and we can look into this problem in school.”


 “I told you we would figure it out son.”

 //I know but I just figured it wouldn’t be anytime soon//

 “Because I’m always busy?” Blair nodded shyly. “I’m sorry Blair. I know I’m not always available, but I’ll try to do better. Okay?”

 Blair nodded. //Thanks dad// Blair settled back against Jim and soaked up the attention. Jim gave him the time then announced, “Time for Bed Chief.”

 //Okay. Good-night dad//

 “I’ll be in, in a minute to tuck you in.”

 //’Kay// Blair headed to his room as Jim returned the towel and hairbrush to the bathroom. He entered Blair’s room and tucked the blankets around the sleepy boy.

 “Good-night Blair. I love you.” Jim kissed Blair’s forehead.

 //Night dad. I love you too//

 Jim turned out the light and went to watch some television before bed.


"Blair! Time to get up!" Jim yelled as he walked past Blair's room. A moan was his only response. //Rise and shine Blair// Jim projected.

//I'm awake// Blair projected back.

"I want you up too. Move it Chief we have work to do."

//Yes sir// Blair stumbled out of bed and his room half awake. Jim smiled at Blair's rumpled appearance and gently swatted him as he walked by. 

"Good morning Chief. Sleep well?"

//HEY// Blair rubbed his backside. //No fair//

Jim laughed. "Shake a leg son. We need to get down to the station."

//Yes sir// Blair used the bathroom and got dressed and ready for a boring day at the station.


Jim and Blair entered the bullpen in silence. Jim set-up the extra desk, that had been added when Blair was helping, so that Blair could work on his schoolwork.

 “Have a seat Chief and start on your schoolwork. I need to check in with Simon.”

 //Sure Dad// Blair started to empty his battered old backpack but was watching Jim head into Simon’s office. As soon as Jim was busy talking, Blair scooted over to Jim’s desk and accessed the Police database. He entered Brad’s name into the search engine, looking for anything that would help prove Brad wasn’t a guide.

 “Chief? What are you doing?” Jim asked as he stood over his son’s shoulder.

 //Thought I’d check to see if Brad was in the database//

 “We’ll do that later. Right now I need to work on this murder case.”

 //But you said last night…//

 “We will.” Jim interupted. “But not right this minute.” Jim pushed Blair’s chair back and took his own chair.

 //Yeah sure//

 Jim scowled. “Blair? We talked about this so please change the surly attitude.”

 //Sorry. I’m just restless//

 “Relax. We have a couple of days to worry about it.” Jim smiled and ruffled Blair’s hair. “Let’s go find Joel and track down some leads.”

 //I don’t have to stay here?//

 “No son. You’re my guide and I plan to take advantage of having you by my side this week.”

 //AWESOME// Blair repacked his backpack and stowed it under Jim’s desk.

 Jim chuckled as they both headed out to find Joel.


Later that day, while looking at photos in the murder case, Blair pointed out his ‘nightmare’ from school, Brad Ventriss. Apparently, the murder case and harassment of Blair at school over lapped.

 //I knew he was a slimeball// Blair complained loudly.

 “Blair…” Jim said with warning. “Watch your tone son. No yelling.”

 “Yell? We don’t hear him Jim.” Simon laughed.

 Jim smiled. “Yeah, but I don’t like how loud he is in my head.” Jim tapped his forehead.

 *Sorry Captain* Blair signed.

 “No problem Blair. Do you believe Brad is a guide?”

 *No. I don’t have any proof but it shouldn’t be hard since true guides can’t talk.*

 “We just have to hear him talk?” Simon asked.

 *That or get him to confess with someone who understands guide sign.*

 “Let’s go talk to the fathers again. We have enough evidence to bring Brad and his girlfriend in for questioning.”



When Jim and Simon arrived to talk to Brad and Nadine’s fathers, they denied knowing where their kids were and sent the police away. When Jim tuned in though, he heard Brad and Nadine talking as they prepared to escape.


“Brad is spilling his guts to his guts to his father.” Jim smiled.

“But he’s a guide?” Simon asked.

“Not a true guide. He can talk.”

*Told you so*

“They’re getting ready to take off. We need to move now.” Jim was already moving with Blair right beside him.


When the smoke cleared, and after a lengthy helicopter chase, Brad and Nadine were on the way to Juvie and things were getting back to normal.

Monday morning found Jim and Blair back in the principal’s office explaining the basics of what had happened with Brad. *I’m really sorry about all the fighting. I’ll try to do better next time*

“Very well Blair. The principal stated. “I’ll hold you to that promise. But next time it would save us all some pain if you would have talked to someone.”

*Yes ma’am*

“Ms. Johnson. Blair promised me he would come to me or to a teacher if anything like this happens in the future.” Jim added.

“Good. Thank you Mr. Ellison for helping to clear this mess up. The school will be looking into how a non-guide got accepted in the first place.” The principal turned to Blair. “Blair? Why don’t you head back to class. I’m sure you have some catching up to do.”

*Yes ma’am* Blair stood and Jim shook the principal’s hand.

“Good day Mr. Ellison.”

“Thank you Ms. Johnson.” Jim walked Blair out into the hall. “Son?”


“I’m proud of you Blair. Have a good day, and I’ll pick you up at 3 o’clock.”

//Thanks dad. I’ll see you then// Blair headed toward his class and Jim smiled fondly as Blair encountered a friend and hands were flying in both directions. Jim exited the school and headed back to the police station. Things were back to what passed for normal. At least until the trouble magnet found something else to shake things up.

The end


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