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Here's story #2. This AU is about to converge with my Magnificent Seven Family Matters AU. This is the transition story. If you've never read the Family Matters stories and would like to, go directly to New Beginnings.  

Alias Smith & Jones Alternative Universe
Change Of Venue
By Victory

Lom Trevors, Sheriff of Porterville walked out of his office as the stagecoach rumbled into town. He headed toward the stage office and observed the people getting off. He saw two young boys waiting for an older gentleman. As he approached them he could hear the boys talking.

"Pa? I really have to go."

"Chris? Take Vin to the outhouse out back and come directly back. No nonsense."

"Yes sir." The boys ran off as Lom approached.

"Judge Travis?"


"Iím Sheriff Trevors. I received your telegram."

"Ah, Sheriff Trevors. Please to meet you."

As they shook hands, "Please call me Lom. How was your trip?"

"Call me Orrin. The trip was longer because of the boys. I should have left them home."

"The two that just took off?"

"Yeah. They were having problems at home and Iím sure my wife would have killed several of them if I hadnít taken a couple. I took the two quiet ones."

"How many children do you have Orrin?"

"I had an older son who died with his wife and we take care of our grandson. I also have seven younger sons and currently taking care of two nephews for the summer."

"Ten boys! Wow. I have my hands full with two."

Judge Travis laughed, but before he could respond, they both turned toward a commotion. The two men watched as Chris and Vin returned with two other boys in tow.

"Boys? What are you doing?" Orrin asked.

"We were out back and saw these two trying to wrap a rope around the outhouse with Vin still inside."

Sheriff Trevors growled. "Boys? Why arenít you in school?" Neither boy answered. Trevors turned to the Judge and sighed. "Judge? Meet my sons, Hannibal Heyes and Jedediah Curry. My outlaws."

Orrin smiled. "These two," pointing to his boys, "are two of my sons, Chris and Vin. My peacekeepers."


"Yeah Kid?"

"Are we in big trouble?"

"Oh yeah. Go wait for me at the jail."

"ButÖ" Heyes tried.

"Now boys!" Trevors pointed toward his office.

"Yes sir." They headed off.

"Sorry about that Judge. Why donít you go get settled in at the hotel and come over to the jail when youíre ready and weíll all grab some supper."

"Good plan Lom. Weíll see you shortly. Boys grab your bags."

"Until then."

Trevors headed toward the jail as the Judge and the boys walked toward the hotel.

"Pa? Are those two really outlaws?" Chris asked.

"No more than you seven are the law."

"Oh. Are they coming to live in Four Corners?"

"I donít know yet Chris. Do you think they should?"

"Sure. Those boys would fit right in." Vin added.

Orrin smiled. "Letís go boys."


Dinner was a quiet affair. Heyes and Curry were finding it hard to sit still on obvious sore bottoms. Chris and Vin tried to draw them into a conversation but only managed small talk. Orrin and Lom finally felt sorry for them and suggested a change.

"Boys?" Lom asked.

"Yes Pa?" Heyes and Curry responded.

"Why donít you take Chris and Vin out front and stretch your legs?"

"Really?" Heyes asked.

"Donít leave the boardwalk in front."

"Can we Pa?" Chris asked.

"Go ahead Boys. Stay on the boardwalk also."

"Yes sir." All four boys moved quickly and headed outside.

"Thought they were going to trip over each other to get out of here." Lom laughed.

"Hopefully theyíll stay out of trouble." Orrin added.

"Hannibal and Kid will as long as the ache in their backsides is still there." Both fathers enjoyed a laugh then continued to discuss the job offer in Four Corners.


Chris and Vin lounged in a couple chairs on the boardwalk as Heyes and Curry leaned against the porch railing.

"Was your Pa angry?" Chris asked.

"Yeah. Walloped us good." Kid answered.

"That rope gag wasnít worth a tanniní"

"No, País use to our pranks. He spanked us for not being in school. He hates our skippiní school." Heyes added.

"Yeah our País pretty strict about school." Chris said.

"But youíre here." Heyes questioned.

"School got out early for us. Weíve been getting ready for our cousins and they arrived a week ago. Alex and Peter are trouble. Theyíve been mean to Vin and Nate so Pa brought us along. Ma and has our Aunt and Uncle to help her until we get back."

"You think our Pa will want us to move?" Kid asked.

"País been trying to find someone to replace the Marshal for awhile. Heís always putting us in jail and making Pa come get us." Chris said.

"País put us in jail a few times." Heyes smiled.

"We were just playiní though." Kid added.

"Boys?" Four heads turned to see their fathers exit the restaurant.

"Time for bed Han, Jed." Lom stated.

"But itís still early." Hannibal argued.

"You have school tomorrow, now say good-bye and letís go."

"Yes sir." The boys said their good-byes and headed off with Lom.

"Until tomorrow Orrin."

"Tomorrow." Orrin turned to Chris and Vin. "Letís go boys. Itís been a long day and Iím beat." The Judge took both their hands and they headed for the hotel.

"What are we going to do tomorrow Pa?" Vin asked.

"After we send a telegram to your mother, we will meet up with Sheriff Trevors and then make preparations to go home."

"Already! I thought we could play with Heyes and Curry." Vin whined.

"Son, youíll have plenty of time for that. Lom said the boys could join us tomorrow and they will be moving to Four Corners within the month."

"Really?" Vin smiled.

"Yes son. Now letís get to bed." It didnít take long for all three of them to be sound asleep.



"Yeah kid?"

"Are we moving?"

Lom gathered Kid and Heyes into his lap and rocked them. Both boys had had a quick bath and were ready for bed. "Itís a good offer boys. What would you like to do?"

"I like Chris and Vin." Kid said around a yawn.

"Yeah and they told us a lot about their brothers." Heyes added.

"If we moved, we would be starting over."

"We already know Chris and Vin." Heyes said as he yawned.

"How about we all go to bed and talk some more tomorrow." Lom rose with both boys and grunted. He got them both settled and kissed them goodnight. "Tomorrow, we will go over to the school and you to will apologize to Miss Bliss. Then, if youíre good Iíll take you both with me when I meet the Judge and the boys."

"Really Pa?" Heyes asked.

"If Iím happy with your apology and you promise to finish any missing work, then yes."

"Thanks Papa." Kid said as he rolled over and fell asleep.

"Goodnight boys. I love you."

"Love you too Pa." Heyes mumbled as he fell asleep also. Lom was only minutes behind his outlaws.

The End

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